In Which I Blog About Ryan Gosling

Food For Thought, Random

Well … not really. But he is mentioned somewhere within this post.

On a totally non-book related note, in honor of  one of my most favorite holidays – Halloween – I thought it would be fun to include an fun, family craft. Who here loves Mod Podge?!? I know I do, it’s so … handy! Well, check out this blog to learn how to Mod Podge your own (plastic) pumpkins!

Calling all Hunger Games fans! May I have your attention! This is freaking awesome (and I really, really) want one of my own!

While wasting time of Pinterest I came across a pin from, I think (I’m not one hundred percent sure, so don’t go and quote me) from author Kami Garcia, about some splendid bookish items. How would you proudly show off your love of books?

Any children of the 90s out there? Even though I was born in the 80s, the 90s own a piece of my heart – the music, the movies, the clothes! If you feel the same way about all things 90s, here are some 90s inspired Halloween costumes!

As I mentioned above Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love watching anything scary and spooky. When I was little, I loved Are You Afraid of the Dark (even though, honestly, they weren’t very scary). This was my favorite episode.  And speaking of Are You Afraid of the Dark, did you know that Ryan Gosling was on an episode?