Shorty Review: The Little Prince



Title: The Little Prince

Author(s): Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Why Did I Read This Book: I love, love, love the film counterpart. I grew up watching it (on a daily basis might I add). I’ve wanted to read this book for quite some time, mainly to see if it holds as much magic as the movie does (surprise! it does!). But time has never been on my side. So when I did my self-imposed read – a – thon challenge I knew this was my chance!

Thoughts, Likes, and Dislikes: There was so much I liked about The Little Prince. I loved how imaginative this book is. Author Antoine de Saint-Exupery descriptive imagery draws readers into the book, and captures, not just their imaginations, but also their hearts. I also really loved the fact that the plot is original. The Little Prince was originally published in 1943 and there isn’t anything on bookshelves like it. Beyond this, I was very happy to learn, after reading, that the movie was close to the book – because don’t you just hate when you love a book and the movie it’s based upon is a total let down!?

Would I Recommend This to Other Readers: In short, yes!