What Famous Book Was Set in Your Home State?!?

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Hello Readers!

I’m really into sharing some interesting links with you lately. And I figured that you, dear readers, are really interested in checking out what I’m interested in.


While browsing on Twitter this past week (yes, browsing since I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly posted)  I came across a tweet from the lovely Cecelia from The Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia  tweeted about a Business Insider article that outlines what famous books are set in which states. I thought this was AWESOME, and figured I’d share with you, dear readers! Check out the article here! And in case you were wondering, Drown by Junot Diaz is set in my home state (New Jersey)

Dirty Little Secrets may be a song by the All American Rejects, but this article here exposes the dirty secrets of us librarians! Thanks to my bestie for sharing this with me on Facebook. I wonder what she thinks my librarian secret is?! (Some of these are REALLY funny!)

A girls gotta fight for what she believes in. And that’s just what an 8-year-old girl did when she spotted two books which she felt were sexist. Today.com posted all about this outraged avid reader! 

Now I’m not a Dancing With the Stars fan. In all honesty I don’t think I’ve watched an entire episode. But as I was driving to work the other morning and listening to the radio (which is a rarity, I normally have my ipod playing, but alas it was completely and utterly dead) I heard a clip about Elizabeth Berkley’s (aka Jessie Spano) Saved By The Bell tribute. I’m So Excited, I’m so excited, I’m so … scared! (Don’t lie, you remember that episode just as vividly as I do. And if you don’t here’s a little reminder)

Calling all children os the ’80s! This one is for you!

And as a friendly reminder, if you’re a book blogger you should totally sign up for the Giving Thanks Secret Box Swap Miss Print and I are hosting! Or if your not a book blogger, but know one you should totally pass this information along to them!

Enjoy, readers!

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