My YouTube Addiction

Food For Thought, Random

I’m not ashamed to admit it dear readers: I’m addicted to YouTube. And you know what, I’m not alone. Word of the street is that teens today spend more time on YouTube than on Facebook (a colleague of mine shared this tidbit with me, and I figured I’d pass that information along, use it as you will).

I subscribe to a variety of YouTube channels, some of which are dedicated to books.  Some have absolutely nothing to do with books, but more about lifestyle, makeup, and the like.

So today, I figured I’d share with you just a few of my favorite YouTubers (and their channels), in the hopes that if any of you, dear readers are YouTube addicts youselves, you’ll share your favorites with me!

Book Related YouTube Channels (a.k.a. BookTubers):

The Readables: The Readables is a YouTube channel run by Priscilla. On it she reviews an array of books, book hauls, giveaways, and much more. I started following her some time ago simply because I loved her style of reviewing.

Little Book Owl: Little Book Owl is a YouTube channel run by Catriona. On it she reviews books, a lot of which I’ve read and reviewed myself, some of which are on my to be read list, and some I just plain curious about. That’s basically why I started following her. Besides reviews, she features Tag videos, haul videos, monthly reading wrap up videos, and many more. Little Book Owl also blogs!

ChapterStackss: ChapterStackss is a YouTube channel run by Katie. I started following Katie, not just because I liked her reviews, but because besides featuring books she also features some beauty and lifestyle videos. So views and subscribers get a little bit of everything.

Non Book Related YouTube Channels:

Zoella280390: Zoella280390 run by Zoe is a YouTuber who vlogs about beauty, fashion, and life in general. I started following her when I was prepping for my big London adventure, wanting to know some of the best places to shop and whatnot. On her channel Zoella280390 feautes beauty and clothing hauls, monthly faves, and funny tag videos.

Sprinkle of Glitter: Louise runs Sprinkle of Glitter, a YouTube channel dedicated to beauty, fashion, life, and sometimes stationary!  I started following her because I saw her featured in one of Zoella280390’s videos. Beyond beauty and fashion halls, Louise vlogs fashion look books, life advice videos, tag videos, and so much more.

Tyler Oakley: Tyler’s Channel is just downright hysterical. Every single video I’ve watched, I’ve laughed … a lot. On his lifestyle channel Tyler features YouTube challenge videos, tag videos, and much more!

So now that I’ve shared some of my favorite YouTubers, who are some of yours?!?