Book of the Week: Chamelia and the New Kid in Class

Book of the Week, Children's

Chamelia and the New Kid in Class by Ethan Long

Published: 2013 by Little Brown Books for Young Readers

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

Chamelia, a small lizard (I believe a chameleon) with a sassy sense of style.

I liked Chamelia from the moment I cracked open this book. She’s full of spunk, a real character, and one that young readers will easily identify with.

I love the end covers – they are striped in various colors and various patterns. It’s eye-catching.

Chamelia is a real star. She likes to dance, sing, and generally entertain all of her school mates and fellow friends.

No one ever steals Chamelia’s spotlight. That is, until a new student – Cooper – is introduced to the class.

Cooper  has a pompadour. And he wears red Chuck Taylors.

Cooper is very talented. A trait that everyone but Chamelia appreciates.

Cooper can paint, he’s good a soccer player, and everyone seems to love the games he makes up after school.

Everyone, to say the least, is impressed by Cooper.

Chamelia’s bicycle helmet matches her pants. Like I said, she’s a sharp dresser! (Cooper too is one sharp dresser!)

Everyone, except Chamelia. Who is a little jealous.

I love how this book shows that everyone gets a little big jealous every now and again. And that jealousy is a feeling that everyone, at some point in time, has experienced.

Chamelia can’t seem to shake Cooper. He seems to be EVERYWHERE! At school, the playground, even in the supermarket.

Chamelia does her best to ignore Cooper. But while she’s busy ignoring him, she fails to realize that, judging from his expression, he’s a little bit hurt.

Not used to living in the limelight, Chamelia hatches a plan to steal Cooper’s thunder, and take back the spotlight: on show and tell day, Chamelia will show he seashell collection, everyone will love her collection better than Cooper’s rock collection.

Everyone is very impressed by Chamelia and her seashell collection. Everyone is also impressed with Cooper’s rock collection, until ┬áChamelia starts to yawn, blow raspberries, stick her tongue out in disgust. Her plan was working!

But even though her plan was working, it didn’t make her feel any better. In fact, it made her feel worse.

This book shows young readers that it isn’t very nice to make someone else feel bad, even if it makes you feel better.

So, Chamelia decides to share the spotlight, and cheers Cooper on!

Before long, the two are as thick as thieves.

Together they sing, they dance, they entertain!

This is a story about friendship. And about how two unlikely people can end up becoming the best of friends.

What makes this such a great read, isn’t just the superb writing, but the charming illustrations.