Life After Theft


Life After Theft by Aprilynne Pike 


When Jeff transfers to Whitestone, a prestigeous high school where he’s expect to, not only excel, but also wear a very stifling tie, the last thing he expects to find is a ghost.  Right there, smack in the middle of the main hallway, snapping her bubblegum (rather obnoxiously), with people walking both around and through her.

A year ago, Kimberlee Schraffer former queen bee and self-processed great swimmer, died in a freak drowning accident. Not only did the former queen bee leave behind a legacy, but also a cave full of stolen goods.

Convinced that her kleptomania is what’s keeping her tied to Earth, Kimberlee wants nothing more  but to move on, from this world into the next. But how could she when no one can see or hear her.

Until now.

Jeff isn’t the ideal candidate. But he’s the only one available. Kimberlee knows the only way she can truly rest in peace is if she returns every stolen item. And since she cannot technically touch anything, she enlists Jeff to take on this task.

Will he be able to right all of her wrongs?

Life After Theft, written by author Aprilynne Pike, is a straight up paranormal novel that, beyond being a lot of fun and laughs, is a read that will leave readers with some weighty questions.

What made Life After Theft such a great read was the fact that, for me, it was so unexpected. Up until this point I have never read any of author Pike’s books, so I had no expectations. I was simply looking for a book to read while on vacation.

What I found was a book that I was able to truly sink into. Maybe it’s partly because the plot line is unique and holds many twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. Pike’s breaths life into her characters, even Kimberlee. Jeff’s voice is authentic and endearing. While Kimberlee, though often snarky, is an great character that, even though readers will want to dislike, will wind up loving.

What made Pike’s Life After Theft  such a great read is Pike’s writing. Simply put, it’s a book that is well written. It’s strong, it’s witty, it’s engaging.

Beyond the solid plot and the realistic characters, Life After Theft will leave reader’s with many questions, questions that aren’t easily answered. Are ghosts real? Why can some see them and some can’t? Beyond that, the biggest question (I think, personally) is what happens after one dies?

Life After Theft was a really fun book that will leave readers (if they are readers like me) questioning both life and death. Beyond that, it will keep readers laughing, from start to finish.