Pantomime by Laura Lam


What to do when the world expects too much of you?
That’s exactly the position that Iphigenia “Gene” Laurus finds herself in. Born into a noble family there are certain things Gene is expected to do. She’s supposed to be tied tightly into corsets and bows when she much rather be running about in a pair of patched trousers. She’s supposed to be getting ready to be presented into society as a proper young lady, when she much rather hang about with her brother and best friend Cyril and his pals. She’s supposed to be a young lady, when she much rather act as if she were a young man instead. She’s supposed to go see a doctor to “cure” her and her freakish condition, but she just rather be who she was intended to be ….
Forced from the only life he’s ever known, Micah’s on the run with a shadow following around every corner. A simple runaway looking for a place to fit in, Micah soon finds himself at the tent flaps of R.H. Ragona’s Circus of Magic. It’s there, that any and all expectations of him and his past are long forgotten. It’s there, where’s he’s supposed to work and train in order to earn his keep, that he finds more than just physical and emotional love. It’s there among the minotaur, the mean-spirited clowns that Micah finds out who he really is, from the inside out.
But when the lines between the young lady in waiting and the street urchin blur, one is falling while the other soars. But which one is which?
Pantomime, written by author Laura Lam, is a 2013 debut novel that will intrigue as much as it will shock readers. A fantasy full of other worldly magic, mythical characters, and a jaw dropping plot line make Pantomime such a great read.
Author Lam did not overly build up the world of Ellada nor the world within the world, R.H. Ragona’s Circus of Magic. Instead she offers details here and there, and let’s reader’s imaginations fill in any gaps for themselves. Through this readers will easily gain a sense and vivid understanding,  not only of these two unique worlds, but also that there are secrets hidden within every page, just waiting to be uncovered.
Lam’s writing is both captivating and evocative. From the moment Pantomime opens to the very last page, readers will be intrigued. Beyond this, the alternative perspectives portrayed in each chapter bleed seamlessly from one to the next. Lam has a knack for keeping readers at the edge of their seats, wanting – craving – more.  Lam is very obviously a great writer, and an even greater storyteller.
Gene and Micah are the driving forces of Lam’s Pantomime. They are unique and stand independently on their own. A difficult task to pull off being that Gene and Micah are the same person.  Readers will get to know each of these characters, will get the chance to understand and relate to each of them, on their own terms – Gene the young lady bound by corsets and curls. And Micah, the young man bound by a past and a body he’d rather keep hidden.
Pantomime is a whirlwind of a book. It feels like so much is happening is so little time. Because of it’s read-ability readers will be left wondering, wanting to know what happens to Gene? To Micah?