Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Things That Make Reading and/or Blogging Easier

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(Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. The above photo was taken by me*.)

There are things in this world that were created to make our lives simpler and better. Therefore there are things (and also people) in this world that make my job as a reader and blogger way more simpler.

1. Goodreads – I’m sure most readers by now know what Goodreads is. I’m even willing to bet that many readers and blogger alike use it. But for those who may not know, Goodreads is a social media – esque website that allows users to, not only friend one another, but to share what books they’ve read and reviewed. Personally, I like to use to it to keep track of what books I’m reading, what books I want to read, and what books I’ve already read.

2. Pinterest – I’m stil new to the world of Pinterest. And admittedly I thought it was nothing more but a really fun time waste. Yes, I am one of those people who are lurking about pinterest for hours on end – mostly posting pins of Gwen Stefani. But I found that Pinterest is a great tool for readers and/or bloggers. For instance I have a board that solely focuses on the books I reviewed during a certain year. Beyond that, let’s just say you follow other bookish people or websites (like Goodreads! Yes, even Goodreads is on Pinterest) you may just discover other books, books that you’ve heard nothing about, to be added to your ever growing To Be Read pile.

3. The Library – ah! my home away from home. The Library. Where else could you go and pick up an armful of books for FREE?! Oh, and let’s not get me started on the InterLibrary Loaning! I don’t think the library needs a long winded explanation.

4. Google Docs – I’m borderline obsessive with keeping track of the books I read each year. Every year, beginning January 1st I decide on a number of books I hope to read in this given year (this year, it so happens to be 125 books, and I’m 71 books in at the moment!) Google Docs (since I don’t have open office or word) is a good way to say this yearly book lists. P.S. I also track my yearly book reading challenge on Goodreads as well.

5. My friend and fellow blogger Miss Print – when I first started blogging I knew nothing. Absolutely nothing! Miss Print was a great resource to me – she answers my many questions, she reads over reviews I’m not very confident in, and overall she’s a great friend who *I hope* likes to hear my bookish ramblings! Thanks Miss Print for being such a great help and an even greater friend to me!

6. Twitter – Do I really need to explain? Twitter is a great place to connect with, not only other bookish folks, but author and publishers. It’s also a great tool to help spread the word about your blog. Take advantage of it!

7. Bookmarks – They hold your place in a book. Enough said!

8. YouTube – I know, I’m obsessed. But through youtube I found a whole other community of bookish folks! Booktubers! Even though I am not brave enough to video record myself talking about my fave books (I don’t like being in front of the camera, and oddly enough I don’t enjoy how my voice sounds recorded – I sound like a very small child with a bad accent of some sort – trust me on this!). Through booktubers, not only have I found new books, but I found new features (check out my self imposed read – a -thon challenge)

9. Good, old fashioned pen and paper – Sometimes writing reviews, for me, is a real task. And sometimes I don’t like to type them on my computer. Sometimes, for me, it’s easier to get the creative juices flowing with a piece of paper and a pen to record my thoughts.

10. ¬†You, my readers – The BookBandit Blog wouldn’t be what it is without you readers and you subscribers! It means a lot to me that you take the time to read these posts, these reviews, these thoughts that swirl about my head. Thank You!

(*The above picture was taken and altered by me. Please do NOT steal it. If you want to use it for whatever reason, please ask and give credit first. Thank You!)