Partners In Crime (Sleuth or Dare #1)


Partners In Crime (Slueth or Dare # 1) by Kim Harrington


Darcy and Norah are best friends. They do everything together  – homework, bike riding, you name it they do it … together. So when the two are given the assignment to create a fake business Darcy and Norah jump at the chance to work together, not only for a great grade, but for a great cause.

Darcy and Norah decide to open a detective agency. Besides being an awesome idea, the girls know that it’s an original one that will suit both of their personalities. Darcy loves a good mystery, while Norah enjoys helping people.

Darcy and Norah really only expect a great grade. They don’t expect anyone to take their detective agency seriously. It’s a class project after all. But when they get home and find an e-mail from an anonymous sender requesting the help of, not only them, but their detective agency, the girls jump at the chance to help someone find their long-lost sister.

Will Darcy and Norah be able to crack the case? Will they find the missing sister? And most importantly, will they figure out who sent the e-mail in their first place?

Partners in Crime, book one in the Sleuth or Dare series, is a debut middle grade novel written by author Kim Harrington.

Partners in Crime is a quick read, but a well written one.  Harrington’s writing isn’t only skilled, it’s strong, smart, and most of all engaging. Reader’s will be fully vested in the mystery, and in the outcome.

Beyond that, Harrington has a real knack for keeping her reader’s guessing, never giving away secrets or answers until just the right moment. As an adult reader, I found myself guessing at every page and turn of events.  I couldn’t seem to figure out the mystery!

Darcy and Norah are the driving forces of Partners in Crime. Even those these two detectives are best friends, they aren’t exactly alike. They are two unique characters who have individual and unique personalities.  Reader’s will easily identify with both Darcy and Norah. Darcy, who loves dark clothes and crime shows. And Norah, who loves school and quite frankly is a bit disturbed by the shows that Darcy enjoys.

Partners in Crime is a mystery unlike any other. In other words: it’s unique. Partners in Crime isn’t centered upon a grisly murder that needs to be pieced together.  There isn’t a who in the whodunit! Instead, it’s a mystery that relies solely on intelligence and imagination.

Harrington’s Partners in Crime (Sleuth or Dare 1) is a fun read! It’s one that will leave readers laughing and guessing all at the same time.

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