Read-A-Thon … of Sorts Update Number One

August 1st, 2013 saw the official kick-off of my self-imposed read-a-thon challenge.

Originally, readers I planned on reading a David Levithan book first, Every You Every Me. But after flipping through the pages, and reading the summary over and over again, I decided to hold off on that one just for a bit. Why? I figured for my first official David Levithan read, I should read Boy Meets Boy!

In the meantime, I started reading Falling In Love with English Boys by Melissa Jensen. photo

I, on day one, I did manage to read just over (and when I say just over, I mean literally one page over) one hundred pages. I was pretty impressed myself (and obviously Miss Print is pretty impressed with me too, since she’s text me at least once telling me “wow! you’re motoring through books!”).

I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Falling in Love with English Boys. In all honesty I picked it up basically because it is set in London. But after the first few pages, I was really into in.

Day two (August 2nd), I’ll admit was a slow day. Unfortunately, readers I did not reach my one hundred pages. I only read a mere 40 pages. Sad, but true. But I promise myself that day three will be a one hundred page day!

Day three (August 3rd) I spent the better half of the morning in a car. Being that me and reading in the car don’t go hand in hand (I have a tendency to get motion sick) I did manage to squeeze in a few pages.   By the end of day three, I had finished another 100 pages, ultimately finishing Falling In Love With English Boys! (I don’t want to say much about the book, but I will say this: it was a refreshing read that took me by surprise.)

Honestly, I can’t believe I read it in a mere four days. I really thought it would take me at least a week to read this book (not because it was a slow read, but because I am a slow reader. People assume I’m a fast reader, I’m not. I just have a tendency to sit and read for extended periods of time. )

Next up is The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery, a book I’ve wanted to read for sometime now, but never squeezed in.  And I just know, that since The Little Prince in one of my most favorite movies, upon finishing this book I will most certainly have to watch it’s film counterpart.

So the first few weeks were met with some bumps, but nothing so major as to throw me off track!

I hope you readers, will stick with me during this read – a – thon month, and that if and when I decide to do such a thing again, you will join in.

Until the next update …..