Book of the Week: Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea

Published: 2013 by Disney-Hyperion

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

It’s about a goat … and a UNICORN!!!

The cover is shiny! And sparkly!

I love how the little cupcakes that adorn the cover have hands and feet. Yes, they have happy faces too.

Speaking of the cupcakes, the cupcakes with sprinkles kind of look like little cacti.

Goat is a blue goat who thought he and his life were pretty great.

That is, until Unicorn moved into town.

Goat used to ride his bike to school. It was pretty cool. That is, until Unicorn went flying by, high above Goat’s little blue head.

Goat used to make marshmallow squares, ones that ALMOST came out right.  But Unicorn made it rain cupcakes … literally rain cupcakes. How could Goat compete with that?!?

Goat has some smooth dance moves for the school talent show. But when he got to school, Unicorn was already there doing some “serious prancing”.

Prancing won Unicorn first prize in the talent show … obviously.

Goat came up with this great magic trick: when you close your eyes, goat rifles through his already built-in pocket and pulls out a coin, leading you to believe that he pulled a quarter from behind your ear. He was excited to show it to all his friends.

But Unicorn was already at school, turning things into gold.

Goat is sick and tired of Unicorn … that show off!

At this point in the book, I just have to explain what Goat is doing. He’s prancing around with a toilet plunger on his head, pretending to be great, pretending to be Unicorn. It’s quite funny!

Just as Goat was settling down for a nice goat cheese pizza, Unicorn pays Goat a visit.

Unicorn is drawn to the heavenly smell of Goat’s pizza.

Goat explains to Unicorn that his pizza isn’t just any kind of pizza, it’s a pizza made of goat cheese – cheese specifically made of goat’s milk.

Unicorn gets upset because unicorn’s don’t have their own milk, and therefore can’t make their own cheese.

Goat explains that goat cheese makes everything better – tin cans and even a day old garbage. Too bad, all Unicorn can eat is glitter and rainbows (he has a very sensitive stomach).

Goat tells Unicorn all the wonderful things he can do – like clime steep hills and just stand there. And his horns would never deflate a soccer ball.

Unicorn is feeling very down about himself. He doesn’t have cloven feet and his horn is only good for pointing out donuts.

Goat has an out of this world idea: he suggests that he and Unicorn should join forces. They’d make an “unstoppable” team.

They’d wear capes like superheroes.

Together Goat and Unicorn will fight crime and give massive wedgies to the bad guys!

And when they aren’t fighting crime, they could just go to the park and play! Like normal friends.

I love how this book shows that friends really do bring out the best in each other.

And that friendship blooms in unexpected places, and sometimes with unexpected people.

I love how both Goat and Unicorn are drawn with such emotion. It’s apparent on their faces. When Unicorn is happy he beams from ear to ear. And when Goat is unset he scowls.

Speaking of illustrations, all of the artwork that fill this book are fun and fantastical!

The writing is smart and witty. It’s fun and whimsical. It’s funny and inviting.

This is the kind of book, the kind of story that is meant to be read aloud. And if possible, acted out.

I promise you readers, if you pick this book up, you’ll be laughing out loud!


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