Book of the Week: Tea Rex

Book of the Week, Children's

Tea Rex by Molly Idle

Published: 2013 by Viking Juvenile.

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

First things first, on a totally UNRELATED note, when searching for Tea Rex (the book) by Molly Idle on Amazon, I found this. And I think it’s AWESOME! And it kind of makes me wish I was a tea drinker.

I love, Love, LOVE the cover of this book! Especially how the T-Rex is too big to actually fit on the book.

This book isn’t just about a T-Rex who happens to love tea parties.

Step by step, readers learn the proper ways to host a tea party.

First, greet your invited guests at the door. Even if that guest is (at least) three times the size of the door frame.

Second, lead your guest to the parlor, or where ever your tea party is being held. And by lead, I mean by pulling your guest, who’s (at least) three times the size of the door frame through the very small space.

Third, introduce your guest to one another. Even teddy bears should be introduced.

Fourth, offer your guest a comfortable place to sit. Even if his butt is too big to fit on the too tiny seat.

Fifth, remember to take turns talking, and remember to keep everyone involved in the conversation.

Some guest will want to chit chat about the weather, others will dangle spoons off the tips of their noses.

Dangling spoons off the tip of your nose is a true talent.

But when you dangle a spoon off the tip of your nose, your eyes inadvertantly cross.

Oh, and remember to cover your ears when your guest roars into the conversation. Literally ROAAAARS!

Sixth, once everyone is settled, and the pleasantries are exchanged you can then serve refreshments, a.k.a. tea.

Seventh, make sure you cater to all of your guests individual tastes. That is, unless they like the taste of teddy bears.

Eating fellow friends and guests, no matter if he or she is a teddy bear, is not nice manners!

Eighth, pour tea. But be careful, it’s hot!

And whatever you do, do NOT pour the tea in your hat! Nor should you pour tea in anyone else’s hat. Again, it’s just not nice manners.

A word to the wise, when your special guest is (at least) three times the size of a door frame, keep extra tea cups on hand.

Ninth, music will liven up any party!

Tenth, when the tea party has come to a close, escort your guest out.  Even if it means shoving his big behind through a too tiny door.

As the host, you’ll be rewarded graciously — your guest will inevitably invite you to his or her place for tea.

And rest assured, he or she will roll out the red carpet for you just as you previously did.

We should all have tea parties!

Author Molly Idle’s writing is spectacular! It’s smart with a touch a whimsy. It’s inviting, and playful.

But her writing isn’t the only spectacular aspect of Tea Rex, so are her illustrations!

The illustrations featured in this book are beautiful. They’re lush and soft, and really bring the story to life. I especially love the use of pink and yellow!

This is such a sweet book! I feel like I could gush and gush about it!

Parents will love this book just as much their kids do.




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