Book of the Week: Super Hair-o And the Barber of Doom

Book of the Week, Children's

Super Hair-o And The Barber of Doom by John Rocco

Published: 2013 by Disney-Hyperion

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

Little Rocco is a super-powered, superhero.

He has many super, awesome super powers. He can whoosh like the speed of light on his tire swing. He can catch slippery green frogs without the help of a net. And he can soar higher than any of his friends on his red bike.

Where do his superpowers come from though? Why, isn’t it obvious? His hair!

Rocco’s hair is this crazy mass of curls! And it is awesome.

But Rocco isn’t the only superhero. His friends are superheroes too, all who possess great powers.

And where do they get their powers from? You guessed it: their hair!

Yes, their hair is as zany as Rocco’s is.

Superheroes can get themselves out of any sticky situation.

That is, when they are captured by their dads.

Captured and dragged away to the villain’s lair, a.k.a. The Barber shop!

It’s at this point in the book where I like the “dun, dun, dun!” music would sound off.

I love how, at this point, the colors of the illustrations shift from full color to black and white as little Rocco is about to step foot into the lair.

I also love how the guy sitting in the barber’s chair has an old school handlebar mustache.

Even though Rocco protested, and struggled the barber’s powers overpowered Rocco’s superhero powers.

By the end, both Rocco’s hair and super-charged superpowers were virtually nonexistent.

By the time Rocco manages to escape the evil clutches of his capture, he’s so drained he can’t even make it back to his hideout.

Rocco fears that his superpowers have disappeared. If they have, how can he possibly be a superhero? And worse, what will his friends think?!?

I love how Rocco is an emotional character. His facial expressions give him away on every page.

Rocco does everything in his human powers to get his powers and his hair back. He uses plant, mops, and even his trusty sidekick Sam to help. But all were not helpful.

When he see his friends, he finds out that their superpowered hair has been stripped and cut away.

Even though they don’t like this, I will say this: they all look super cute with new, shorter hair.

The superheroes are obvious down in the dumps about their lost powers. That is, until a little, crazy-haired little girl is in need of superhero help.

Power surged. And the heroes spang into action, not worrying about their hair, or lack of.

The little girl’s doll was stranded on the monkey bars.

But the superheroes were there to save her!

Rocco and his friends are TRUE superheroes – people who are brave in the face of danger, and people who care about other even if they don’t know them.

I really loved this book! It was so much fun!

The illustrations are AWESOME! They really captured the spirit of the book and of little Rocco.

The writing is smart, and super-charged!

Okay, I’ll admit, I’m a bit biased. I love John Rocco’s writing and illustrations! I think he’s genius!

But even if I wasn’t biased, Super Hair-o and the Barber of Doom is a book that boys and girls, both young and old will love!


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