Book of the Week: The Great Lollipop Caper

Book of the Week, Children's

The Great Lollipop Caper by Dan Krall

Published: 2013 by Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I love how the title makes readers think this book is about something completely different from what it’s about.

Let me just say this: the main characters are a lollipop and a caper! So unique, and it really makes the book stand out from the get go!

The end pages really capture the personalities of both characters. The lollipop is jolly and inviting. While the caper is quite opposite: he’s unfriendly and a bit ticked off (but maybe he’s ticked off because he’s stuck in a sealed jar).

The caper isn’t just an average caper, he’s a FANCY capers. Okay, so he’s pickled! He’s still fancy.

Children do NOT like capers. It’s a known fact.

Children DO like lollipops though.

The book makes readers think about why Mr. Caper is so unliked and why Lollipop is, well, so loved.

The caper has dreams you know! He dreams of a world full of peace, a world full of people who love him and dislike lollipops.

But Mr. Caper isn’t disliked by all. Many, many people, who just happen to be adults, love Mr. Caper.

I love how this book shows that everyone is unique, and have unique tastes.

It isn’t enough to just be loved by adults!

Mr. Caper has a plan, one that is sure to make all of his dreams come true.

Capers can easily disguise themselves. A hat and black trench coat easily transforms this caper into a pea, a suspicious looking pea, but still a pea.

Mr. Caper’s plan is to infiltrate the lollipop factory.

I love how on the guards box there’s a “NO CAPER” sign posted. Just above that sign, is a sign illustrating that capers, are in fact, stinky creatures.

The security guard isn’t a great security guard. He cannot see though Mr. Caper’s very clever disguise.

The lollipop factory is full of lollipop batter … obviously.

The second part of Mr. Caper’s plan is to make all the new lollipops taste like capers.

It’s a genius plan, really it is!

This book shows how lollipops are made one place and then transported to places all over the world. Places like China, France, Egypt, and even Florida! Lollipops are universal.

Mr. Caper succeeded in transforming the lollipops, but did he succeed in transforming the children’s hearts? Do they love him just as much as the red Lollipop?

I love how this book is full of twists, turns, and mystery!

The kids really do seem to like the new caper flavored lollipops. Even if it turns them green and gives them crazy eyes.

Seeing Mr. Caper smile is great! Readers will see that he isn’t the bad guy, it’s just sad because he’s alone and unloved.

As soon as the kids taste the new flavored lollipops, they become as bitter and as sour as Mr. Caper was before his plan succeeded.

Even though Mr. Caper loves being loved by the children, he doesn’t like that he’s upset all the adults. One even calls him a “bad caper!”

Did Mr. Caper’s plan really succeed?

I love how this book shows readers (of all ages) that sometimes what you want, isn’t in fact, what you really want or need even.

Lollipop, as always is delightfully happy!

Mr. Caper thinks that everyone hates him. But that isn’t true. Lollipop likes him, and is his friend.

The Great Lollipop Caper really shows the power of friendship, and that if you have one true friend you have all you need!

Best friends can get you through anything. Even if your best friend is a lollipop.

Lollipop is really helpful. He knows exactly how to make everything better: he lets all the kids take a lick, turning them back into the sweet children they were BEFORE the caper flavored lollipops corrupted them.

Even though the kids were back to their normal, Lollipop loving selves, and the adults were no longer upset at the fancy caper, Mr. Caper still isn’t happy. Why? Because there’s nothing left to his one true friend, Lollipop.

Lollipop is VERY wise. In hopes to cheer up Mr. Caper, Lollipop says: “Sure, those kids love me now, but when they grow up, guess who they’re going to be crazy about?” And that’s the truth!

The Great Lollipop Caper is full of exceptional writing. Writing that isn’t only inviting, but it’s also whimsical.

Children and adults alike will surely love this book.

The Great Lollipop Caper will have readers laughing from the front to the back cover.

The illustrations! They are fantastic! So vibrant, so strong, and really drives the story along.

Both the illustrations and the writing evoke emotions in readers.

Author Dan Krall is a master of his craft, readers will easily recognize this.

This is a really fun book. And I think anyone who picks this book up will feel the same way.