The Fire Horse Girl

The Fire Horse Girl by Kay Honeyman (Received copy from publisher for review)


Jade Moon doesn’t fit in. She doesn’t fit in with her traditional family who only want to see her married off. She doesn’t fit in within the boundaries of the small village in which she lives. The same village that feel nothing but sorrow and pity for her family for bearing the burden of a fire horse girl.

A fire horse girl is more than just a burden. She’s a girl who is far too stubborn. She’s overly passionate. And beyond those qualities, She’s the owner of an overactive imagination. Jade Moon is a fire horse girl, one who dreams about desperately breaking free from the chains of tradition, and leaving a life of her own choosing.

Jade Moon has never seen a way out. That is, until a mysterious stranger named Sterling Promise appears on the step of her family’s home offering both Jade Moon and her old-fashioned father the chance to sail to America – the land in which Jade Moon knows all of her dreams can come true.

But when Jade Moon anchors down on Angel Island, the “Ellis Island of the West” she quickly learns that America is a place that, not only builds dreams, but also breaks them.

Without family and friends to help guide her through her new life, Jade Moon is forced into another life that isn’t of her own choosing. Will she survive? Or will America, the country she now calls home, get the best of her?

The Fire Horse Girl is author Kay Honeyman’s debut novel, and it’s one that will capture readers attention as well as their hearts.

Full of lyrical writing, the first thing that will stand out to readers is that author Honeyman, isn’t only a great writer, she’s a great storyteller. Jade Moon’s tale is more than a coming of age story, it’s more that a story about a girl who finds her way in a new, strange land. It’s a story of life, of love, and of survival. But beyond that, it’s a story about the power and perseverance of the human spirit.

Full of great stories, Honeyman has seamlessly weaved Chinese folktales into her own story. Never relying on another story to tell her own, these tales help readers understand time and place in the novel is set. But beyond that will help readers understand the kind of person, character that Jade Moon is.

Jade Moon is a fierce character, one that will stick with readers long after the book comes to a close. She loves as fiercely as she fights, and yes, she does fight both figuratively and literally speaking. She is a true heroine that readers, both male and female, will see a little bit of themselves hidden within a deep, thoughtful character.

The Fire Horse Girl is a story that is emotional, authentic, and unlike anything else I’ve ever read. It’s full of twists, turns, and surprises on every single page. Beyond that, it’s a story that will transport readers to a world both familiar and strange, a world that is as dangerous and is compliant. The Fire Horse Girl is a great book that readers will relate to, and will learn from.