Book of the Week: The French Fry King

Book of the Week, Children's

The French Fry King by Roge

Published: 2012 by Tundra Books

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

The French Fry King himself is a dog. But not just any old dog, he happens to be a weenie dog! ¬†Or as the book refers to him as: “a sausage dog”.

His name is Roger. I just love human names for pets.

Roger is a thinker.

He thinks about things like: “if I had a human girlfriend, would we hold hands or paws? If humans were dogs, would they build dog house skyscrapers?” I often wonder if dogs actually think this way.

All the people around Roger seem so rushed and busy, so much so that they barely notice him. On young boy is playing with a rubics cube. An older gentleman is listening to some music on his iPod. An old lady, with a bag full of groceries, is busy chatting on her cell phone.

I really love how all the humans are portrayed as doing really typical, really mundane activities.

Roger wasn’t like other dogs. He was an individual! Unlike other dogs, he doesn’t like chasing the mail men, he didn’t like barking at cars. Instead, he wishes he could be an astronaut.

I love how this book shows young readers to embrace themselves for who they are.

There’s a little boy, running through the street, dressed as Batman. I love it!

The attention to detail is impeccable. For example, author/illustrator portrays a random woman, a passerby, with a magazine tucked neatly under her arm. But it isn’t just any magazine, it’s Elle. And from the looks of her, it’s not surprising that she reads such a magazine.

I like that Roger is a very cultured and informed dog. He likes to read the newspaper.

It’s while he’s reading that he discovers his life’s calling: to become the French Fry King!

He lives in a little silver trailer, where he spends his night peeling potatoes in trying to make all his french fry dreams come true.

His silver trailer home doubles as a food stand.

Sure enough, his french fries are a hit! And why shouldn’t the be? It’s pretty impressive that a dog made them!

Soon the little sausage dog is, not only rich, but also famous!

He travels all over the world selling his fries.

I love how Roger has an adventurous spirit!

I also love how author/illustrator illustrates all the native people of all the countries Roger visits.

With that, how each native eats his/her fry dependent on where they live. For example, in Kenya, the people dipped their fries in chocolate. In Vietnam, they dipped them in soy sauce. In Cuba, they were dipped in spicy salsa. And India they were served in curry.

There are about one hundred ways to eat a french fry. Preferably, I like mine with ketchup!

Roger soon finds out, even though his rich, famous, and loved he still isn’t happy. He still feels as if something is missing from his life.

He abandons his strand and stumbles upon Charlotte the Corn Cob Queen.

It suddenly dawns on Roger what exactly is missing in his life: a friend, a love! Someone to who likes him for who he is, not the French fries he makes.

The two fall in love, and besides living happily ever after, they combine their efforts to create Roger and Charlotte’s Royal Shepherd’s Pie stand.

“Life is beautiful!”

I love how this book shows that no one can really predict the future, that sometimes we have to accept life as it comes.

Roge’s writing is strong. It’s smart, and doesn’t underestimate the books young readers.

The illustrations are simple, refined, and really drive the story forward.

This was a really fun book!

Young children, I think, will love this book. I think they will truly identify with Roger, and his dreams.