Book of the Week: Open This Little Book

Book of the Week, Children's

Open This Little Book by Jesse Klausmeier Illustrated by Suzy Lee



Published: 2013 by Chronicle Books

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

Before this book was even published, I read an article about it. Just from that article I knew I wanted to read this book. I knew I was going to love it.

The cover of this book is simply adorable. I would love to get lost in all those book.

Speaking of the cover, I love how the white rabbit has a pocket watch. I, personally, love the Alice in Wonderland reference.

The frog is wearing a top hat. Very classy!

Inside this big book are several tiny books.

All the tiny books are various shades of the rainbow, and all tell an important part of a the story.

The first book is a red book with black dots, kind of like a little ladybug.

What a coincidence?! The main character in this little red book is a ladybug, and yes she’s sipping tea from a red tea cup.

The second book is a green book with a darker green, circular print.

And what do you know! The top hat wearing frog is in this little book – hopping from one lily pad to the next with a book in hand.

The third little book is the orange book. Of course it’s orange with a funky, almost abstract looking carrot print scattered about the cover. I wonder what creature will fill the page of this book?

It’s a white rabbit, and he appears to be running very late for a very important date. He is holding a book, maybe he and his friends are off to a book club?!?

The fourth book in the little yellow book, with a honeycomb pattern plastered on it.

But the creature in this yellow book is NOT a bee! It’s a bear. Afterall bears do like honey.

Bear has a yellow umbrella.

The fifth book is the little blue book, and it looks like there’s a castle printed on it.

And it’s in this fifth, blue book, where all the action takes place. The ladybug, the frog, the rabbit, and the bear meet up with a giant!

The giant is SO big he doesn’t even fit in the blue book.

But the giant isn’t a mean giant, he’s a reading giant. And one that likes to read about a ladybug, a frog, a rabbit, and a bear.

After all the friends are done reading they close all of their colored books.

The little books featured within the large book get smaller and smaller.

I love how the book has a very important message at the end of it: at the close of one book, make sure to open another.

The writing is simple (but in a good way), playful, and fun-filled.

The illustrations are full of life and color!

I particularly LOVE the very last illustration: a little library nestled inside of a giant old tree. Animals, people, and giants alike.

This is a really fun, charming book.

This is author Jesse Klausmeier’s debut, and it’s a really fun and charming one. Readers will definitely be keeping an eye out for her future works. I know I will.


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