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Today I’m posting my review of Megan Miranda’s latest novel, Hysteria, as part of the Triple Threat Blog Tour!

Hysteria by Megan Miranda


Mallory doesn’t remember much about the night that she killed her boyfriend Brian. All she remembers is that she didn’t intend to kill him. Somehow, struggling to save her own life, Mallory managed to take someone else’s.

Living in the aftermath, Mallory only wishes she could go back to the way things were before – when she had friends who trusted her, parents who could actually stand to look into her eye, and see their daughter. Before, when she was not a cold-hearted murder.

So when her parents decide to ship her off to a fancy boarding school, Mallory doesn’t hesitate to leave her home, her former life, and her dark past behind.

Mallory soon finds out that no matter how far away she moves, she can’t escape her past. Not when girls, who could have been new friends, glare at her. Not when an egotistical classmate relentlessly hits on her. Not when Brian, her dead boyfriend, is haunting her and making her pay night and day for her actions.

So when a classmate, the same egotistical one who hits on her, turns up dead all suspicions and fingers point to Mallory. Finding herself once again living a nightmare, Mallory must do everything possible to prove her innocence, even if she can’t be sure of it.

Hysteria is author Megan Miranda’s second novel. Similar to her debut, Fracture, Hysteria is a novel that is as intriguing as it is intense.

Hysteria’s plot is one that hasn’t been seen before. Aside from the obvious uniqueness, Miranda’s execution of such a twisted plot is done with precision, and above all thing top-notch writing. She knows exactly when to dole out information and when to keep it hidden until just the right moment.

She’s crafted a novel that will keep readers guessing around each and every twist and turn. Beyond that, Miranda has created characters that, even though they are flawed, are realistic, easy to relate to, and warped enough to fear – but in the best way possible.

Mallory, Hysteria’s leading lady, isn’t an obvious hero. In fact, from the get go readers will suspect that she’s the villain. After all, she did kill her boyfriend – a plot point that’s out in the open from the very start.

Hysteria is the kind of book that covers a lot of ground in a short period of time. Sure this book is about how Mallory, who killed her boyfriend, finds a sense of normalcy in the aftermath. But beyond that it’s about so much more.

In just three hundred and thirty-six pages Hysteria manages to touch on some pretty heavy subjects: a teenage murderer,  finding acceptance in an unacceptable situation, but above all these things, finding forgiveness in a not so forgiving world.

Hysteria is a one of a kind of book. One that readers will cling to, will ponder over, and will be left both satisfied and shook up once finished.