Book of the Week: Ol’ Mama Squirrel

Book of the Week, Children's

Ol’ Mama Squirrel by David Ezra Stein

mamasquirrelPublished: 2013 by Nancy Paulsen Books

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

This book definitely lives up to all the buzz I’ve heard about it!

I like squirrels.

I really loved how author David Ezra Stein really managed to capture the fierce-ness of the mama squirrel.

Squirrels really do bark – or in this case CHOOK! CHOOK! CHOOK! (I’ve actually heard a squirrel bark.)

A barking or chooking squirrel is NOT a happy squirrel as readers will see through this book.

Mama squirrel is brave, she’s not afraid to go head to head with creatures that five times bigger than she is.

When cats get to close, she warns them.

When dogs start sniffing around her treat, she chooks them away. Leaving the dog to believe that that mama squirrel is NUTS! (get it?! ha ha )

She even chooks and waves her tiny fist at passing airplanes and red kits that get tangled within her tree’s limbs.

I love how reader’s really do get the sense that Mama Squirrel is a very loving character and squirrel.

I love Mama Squirrel’s catch phrase:  “And THAT takes care of that!”

But one day a giant grizzly bear appears, and he doesn’t seem to be afraid of Mama’s chooking.

I love how it appears that there’s a giant brown grizzly bear roaming the city-scape. He seemed so out of place, which made the whole situation funny.

Speaking of the grizzly, I particularly love the illustrations of the giant bear scaling the tree – he’s only mere inches off the ground.

Mama tries everything from clattering in the branches, chooking at the top of her squirrel lungs, and even pelting him with stored nuts.

The grizzly is one determined bear! You got to give him credit for that.

Mama Squirrel has no choice but to whip out the big guns. She gathers her squirrel babies, and seeks the help of all the mama squirrels in the area.

Mama squirrels are everywhere: by fire escapes, under train tracks, deep within the treetops, and at every corner of the park.

Together all the mama’s join forces and chook! chook! chook! that big mean bear out of there territory!

Mama Squirrel is a real hero. Animals and people alike will easily recognize that.

I love how this book shows that it’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

This book also shows the importance of working as a team.

The writing …. smart, sassy, with a hint of whimsy! Loved every minute of it.

This is a book for animal lovers of all ages.

The illustrations really capture the spirit of the story and the writing.

Author/Illustrator David Ezra Stein pays close attention to the finest details. For instance the character’s expressions are perfect. I really appreciated that aspect.

I love how all the animals are portrayed in a very humanistic aspect – making them easy to relate to and sympathize with.

This book will make kids laugh, a lot!