Story of a Girl


Story of a Girl by Sara Zarr


Deanna Lambert made a mistake three years ago. A mistake that has changed her life in the worst way possible. A mistake that she’s still paying for.
She knew that hooking up with Tommy, her older brother’s stoner friend, wasn’t the smartest decision she’s ever made, but she certainly didn’t think it was the worst. After all, Tommy made her feel good, pretty, special even.
But when her father finds her in the backseat of Tommy’s beat-up car, in a rather “uncomfortable” position, she realizes that hooking up with Tommy was quite possibly the worst decision she made, and will ever make in her life.
Now, haunted by a father who can nearly make eye contact and a bad reputation all Deanna wants is to disappear.  But when she takes a summer job at a local pizza place she discovers more than just the fact that Tommy works there. She discovers, who she really is.
Story of a Girl, written by author Sara Zarr, is quick read that focuses on the realities of life. A quick read, this book will satisfy some, but not all reader’s tastes.
Zarr’s writing really is the shining star. Strong and simplistic, Zarr creates an atmosphere that reader will relate to, will believe, and ultimately will sympathize with.
However, her characters are not as strong as the her plot is. Main character Deanna comes off as rigid.  A character that has surrounded herself with the memories of her past, unable to move forward.
For me, Deanna often came off a whiney sixteen year old who takes the easy way out, blaming everyone else for her mistakes. It’s her father’s fault because he completely ignores her. It’s her best friend Jason’s fault because he’s in love with Leigh, not her. It’s Tommy’s fault because he was older and should have known better.
My biggest struggled with Zarr’s Story of a Girl was the fact that it was so short. Normally, length doesn’t matter to me, so long as the plot and the characters make up for it.  In the case of Story of a Girl, everything seemed rushed. Rushed with very little resolution.
I wanted to love Story of a Girl, but somewhere it fell short for me. I liked the premise of the plot and felt that the writing was strong. But the underdeveloped characters left me underwhelmed.
Even though this wasn’t my favorite read, that doesn’t mean that this isn’t the perfect read for someone else!