Golden (Golden # 1)


Golden (Golden # 1) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Felicity “Lissy” James has the sight. She possesses the unique ability to, not only read, but actually see people’s auras. She’s never wanted this ability, believing it to be a curse rather than a blessing.

But when she and her family move from sunny California to the middle of nowhere Oklahoma, Lissy soon learns that her sight is both a curse and a blessing.

In Emory High you’re either a Golden or a Non. For Lissy, being able to see the various shades of auras she knows exactly who’s a Golden and who definitely isn’t.

As if the social hierarchy wasn’t bad enough, Lissy realizes that something or someone around her in pure evil. And it’s up to her, through the gift of the sight, to put an end to it all.

Golden is the first book in, not only author Jennifer Lynn Barnes Golden duet, but the first book that she ever had published!

There is a lot to really enjoy about Barnes’ debut, Golden. Barnes excels at creating a straight-up paranormal book that’s incredibly unique. The fact that Lissie’s paranormal ability isn’t a cliché ability, is what really makes Golden stand out.

As readers, we’ve seen vampires that sparkle, humans who have to ability to, not only hunt, but even fall in love with ghosts, and even angels fighting to save the human race. But never once aura readers!

Beyond uniqueness, Golden is thought-provoking. Readers will find themselves thinking, if everyone has an aura, what color is mine? Do the people who think we connect with, really connect with our auras?

At it’s core, Golden is a coming of age story. Lissy transform from a girl who struggles with who she is and the gift she possesses to a person who fully embraces and fully understands the importance of her abilities.

Barnes’ characters are real. They aren’t perfect – they make mistakes, they get into trouble, they are flawed. Because of this, the characters that fill the pages of Golden are relatable, even the one’s that weren’t so likable.

Barnes’ Golden, though quick, is a really fun, well written read that will satisfy all readers tastes.

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