Book of the Week: This Is Not My Hat

Book of the Week, Children's

This is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen

Published: 2012 by Candlewick

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I previously read I Want My Hat Back and really loved it.

I love the tiny fish, wearing a tiny hat on the cover.

Even though the cover is rather simplistic, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t attractive. I firmly believe that this cover will, in fact, draw in readers.

The main character, the tiny fish, admits that he’s a thief. That the hat isn’t is, and that he took it.

It isn’t a mystery as to who he stole it from. He stole it from an exceptionally large fish. One so large he spans two full pages …. literally!

Okay, how did this teeny tiny fish steal a hat from a gigantic one? It’s a mystery.

Not really, the big fish was napping.

This book made me wonder about things I’ve never wondered about before. Like, do fish sleep with their eyes closed? Also, I wonder what KIND of fish the main characters are?

Even though the tiny fish thinks he’s safe, and he pulled off this hat heist, he really didn’t. The big fish knows that his hat has gone missing. We all know the tiny hat didn’t grow equally tiny feet and walk, or swim, away.

The big fish knows exactly who’s behind the heist. So big fish swims out in search of, not just his hat, but the tiny fish.

But the tiny fish is hiding.

Since the readers are obviously NOT the gigantic fish, he let’s readers know exactly where he is going to hide.

Hiding place #1: in the plants. Specifically the plants that grow wild, big, tall, and very close together.

But there’s a slight problem with his hiding place: someone, a crab, has seen him. Will he tell big fish?

Of course the crab tells. Well, he points the way.

The little fish knows that stealing is wrong, but he has a good reason for taking the hat: it was simply too small for the gigantic fit. Besides, it fits him just right.

I love when the tiny fish is hiding in the camouflaging plants. Even though he thinks he’s shielded, he really isn’t. Readers will be able to spot him, maybe not easily, but they will spot him none the less.

They’ll also spot the gigantic fish hot on his tail — err, fin!

I love how this book has a touch of mystery. Readers will want to know if the gigantic fish will ever get his hat back?!?

I love the illustrations that fill this book. Especially the use of the dark colors.

The writing, though simple, is stellar.

I think this book would make a great bed time story!

This book is such a fun book, I found myself laughing out loud at several spots.

It’s a must read for any love of children’s lit!

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