The Girl in the Wall


The Girl in the Wall by Daphne Benedis-Grab


Ariel’s birthday is going to be the social event of, not just the year, but quite possibly the entire century. And everyone is looking forward to it. That is, except for Sera.

Once upon a time Ariel and Sera were best friends. But that was before the incident in Mexico, before Ariel turn her back on her supposed traitor best friend. Since than Sera is a social pariah, normally ignored but often ridiculed.

There is only two reasons why Sera is even going. One, her father – who’s completely oblivious to the Ariel situation – is forcing her to go. And two, Hudson Winter, the singing heart-throb will be giving a private show.

But when masked-men storm the room just as Hudson takes the stage, killing Ariel’s father and the person they think is Ariel, both Ariel and Sera know this party is not going to be what they expected it to be.

The Girl in the Wall is author Daphne Benedis-Grab’s second novel, and it’s an exciting one!

Full of twists and unforseen turns Benedis-Grab has written a novel that is taut with both mystery and suspense. As Ariel and Sera struggle to survive the long night ahead of them, reader’s struggle alongside of them, trying to figure out who exactly is the mastermind behind the hostage situation.

Benedis-Grab’s writing is strong, purposeful, and really drives the plot forward. She’s spun a story that will capture reader’s attention and really play with reader’s emotions. One page they’ll be laughing at the corny jokes Ariel’s father is cracking, and then the next they’ll feel as if they are fearing for their own lives.

The Girl in the Wall is told from both Ariel and Sera’s perspectives. This facet of Benedis-Grab’s novel adds a layer of depth. Readers will get the chance to see that Ariel is a fierce character – one that loves her family and friends, including Sera, a lot. While seeing that Sera, though the social pariah, is strong – of mind and of body. Together these two leading ladies make for a lethal combination – but in a good way.

The Girl in the Wall is a quick read, clocking in at just over two-hundred pages. But don’t let it’s length fool you. It’s an action-packed, layered read that will keep reader’s guessing, and even when all is said and done, wanting more!