Book of the Week: One Cool Friend

Book of the Week, Children's

One Cool Friend by Toni Buzzeo Illustrated by David Small

Published: 2012 by Dial

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for quite some time! And the longer I waited to read it, the more expectations I had.

Elliot is a very proper young man. I think more young men need to be proper.

I like that he wears a tuxedo. It kind of hints at what his favorite animal is.

I love how Elliot’s father appears to be the complete opposite of his proper son.

Elliot’s father wears a lime green plaid suit.

Elliot’s dad think a fun day is one that is spent at the aquarium.

I agree fully with him! The aquarium is AWESOME!

Elliot doesn’t really agree with either of us. He much rather spend it reading, and not surrounded with masses of noisy children.

Even though Elliot’s father invites him to a fun day at the aquarium, he spends his time sitting on a bench reading his National Geographic, while Elliot wanders around by himself.

Elliot’s wanders the aquarium basically looking for a place to hide from the mobs of kids. He eventually finds his place with the PENGUINS.

I love penguins.

I love how the penguins look like they are forming a mountain!

Like Elliot, I want a penguin too.

Too bad, I was only allowed to bring home a stuffed one! (a stuffed animal that is, not a taxidermy penguin).

Elliot’s red backpack matches the red in his cheeks.

Elliot makes sure his new pet is comfortable in his home: he turns the air-conditioner way up and fills a pool to make a skating rink, he acquires bags of ice and a snack for Magellan (the penguin!)

Magellan likes to eat frozen shrimp, sleep in the freezer, and take a dip in the bathtub.

Elliot’s father remains perfectly clueless as to Elliot’s new pet. That is, until he discovers Magellan swimming about.

When his father inquires where exactly Magellan comes from, Elliot replies “the Southern tip of Argentina.”

Readers quickly discover that Elliot’s fathers favorite animal is a Galapagos turtle, specifically his Galapagos turtle names Captain Cook!

What I really loved about this book, beside the smart writing, is the illustrations. The use of color isn’t overwhelming, but still packs a powerful punch!

This is really a book for animal lovers!

I think it would be really cool to have an exotic pet … like a penguin or a Galapagos turtle.

This book met and surpassed all expectations! It was that good!

Kids will LOVE this book! I promise that! Adults will too.