Book of the Week: Crafty Chloe

Crafty Chloe by Kelly DiPucchio Illustrated by Heather Ross

Published: 2012 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I consider myself a crafter of sorts, so I knew I would identify with Chloe.

Beyond that I love the look of total disgust on Chloe’s little dogs face. I don’t think he likes wearing his star hat.

Chloe isn’t only inventive, she’s imaginative.

From the get go I love how this book shows readers that not everyone is good at everything they do. But even so, it’s important to try!

Chloe isn’t very good at sports (neither am I). Chloe doesn’t particularly love video games (neither do I). And ballet? Well, let’s just say it didn’t work out for her (I wasn’t the greatest dancer in my dance class either).

Chloe can make anything – from macaroni necklaces, fancy flower hats, and a googly-eyed little brother.

Everyone LOVES googly eyes!

The dog’s name is Bert. It works for him!

Bert doesn’t always mind being Chloe’s model. She has a way of making him the most fashionable dog on the block! And Bert loves the attention.

I love how this book shows that hobbies don’t define a person.

Chloe is a well-rounded character that readers will identify with.

Like Chloe I have a friend named Emma. And if you didn’t know she runs a blog called Miss Print.

Chloe wants to make sure she gets Emma a GREAT birthday present. She knows that Violet, the Flower Girl doll is what her friend will LOVE.

But it seems London, a not so nice acquaintance of Chloe’s, already has plans on giving Violet to Emma.

London’s little dog looks just like London … mean.

Chloe assures London that she’s going to make something very purple, and that Emma is going to love it.

She makes her a necklace, but it isn’t right for Emma.

She makes a coffee mug, but Emma doesn’t drink coffee.

She makes a sock monkey, but it’s not birthday gift material.

Every idea that Chloe came up with didn’t seem … right.

Chloe is persistent and determined.  I love how this book shows that you should never, ever give up.

Okay, so Chloe wants to give up … but just a little. She fakes having the chicken pox … blueberry blue chicken pox.

But when Chloe’s mom points out that Emma will be having a pony at her birthday party, she knows she has to get better, and quickly.

When she hears the word pony, Chloe immediately imagines a white unicorn with lavender hair full of beautiful ruby-red flowers.

After some more thought, Chloe finally figures out what to make her best friend Emma. All night she was busy planning, gluing, sewing, and painting.

Chloe was a bit afraid that Emma wouldn’t like her gift.

But who is the first person Chloe sees at the party? London, with her nose turned up and her feel clicking away in her sparkly heels.

Since her nose is turned so high up, London doesn’t notice that her mean looking dog has gotten in her way. She trips and falls into a mud puddle.

Even though London acts mean, Chloe feels bad for her. Especially when her dog grabs onto Emma’s present and tears it’s dress.

Chloe is caring and compassionate. And always does the right things!

Chloe offers to cloth the now naked Violet Flower Girl doll with the dress she name.

Besides the dress, Chloe also makes a bed for Violet.

Emma loved everything!

I love how this book shows that friends love each other no matter what! Gifts don’t matter, friendship does.

The writing is charming, smart, and really fun.

The illustrations really bring the writing to life. I love how illustrator Heather Ross pays attention to the smallest of details. I think that that’s important in a picture book. For example, on the next to last page, behind a hugging Emma and Chloe, readers will spot London riding the pony, and not looking too happy.

I love how readers can learn to make all the fabulous crafts Chloe makes in the book by visiting: