Kiss My Book

Kiss My Book by Jamie Michaels


Ruby Crane’s life is about to start. Last year she was a mere freshman. But this year, she’s a newly published author. Or to the popular crowd – a rising star with a book and movie deal.

As if life couldn’t get any better Ruby’s scheduled to speak at the Literature Society, a prestigious society that only top-notch authors are invited to. Expecting it to be the night of her life, Ruby’s not worried about a thing.

That is, until celebrity reporter Samantha Golding asks her the one question every author fears most: “Ruby, why did you plagiarized your first book?”

With a ruined career and a damaged ego, Ruby retreats to Aunt Finney’s in Whispering Springs, NY. Ruby’s run away from everything, but did she run far enough? Or will her problems rear their ugly heads?

Kiss My Book, written by author Jamie Michaels, is a quick realistic read that readers will find both charming and funny.

Kiss My Book’s main plot is based on something I love – books! Jamie Michael’s writing is simple, clever, and engaging. She easily weaves famous book quotes and titles into the text.

Beyond good writing, Michael’s characters are real – so real they’re flawed. Admittedly, I was not a fan of Ruby’s. I found her to be pretentious and often whiney. But as the book progressed, Ruby did as well. Sure she doesn’t know who she is, or who she wants to be, but she’s fifteen. By the time the book wrapped up, Ruby quickly became a character that my inner fifteen year old could relate to.

Beyond characters, Kiss My Book was, above all things, unique. Never before have I read a book about books! If you love books, you’ll more than like this book! From the small town charm and wit to the budding romance, readers will find something between the pages that they will surely love.


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