Shorty Review: The Secret Garden


Title: The Secret Garden

Author(s): Frances Hodgson Burnett

Why Did I Read This Book: I realized that I’ve been deprived of classic novels. High school kind of ruined (all) of them for me. Wanting to dip me toes in the lake of classics, I started with one I always wanted to read.

Thoughts, Likes, and Dislikes: Admittedly I was NOT enjoying The Secret Garden. It’s third person, gets off to an extremely slow start, and was nothing like the movie I loved as a small girl. But than a friend clued me in: The Secret Garden is only enjoyable if listened to via audiobook or audiobook iPhone app. What I really loved about this book was the mystery – where is the garden? what flowers bloom within the ivy walls? who tends the garden? and what will Master Craven do once it’s discovered that the locked garden is no longer locked?

Recommend It: Yes, but only if you’re going to listen to the audio version, and not actually read the physical book.