Book of the Week: Being Wendy

Being Wendy by Fran Drescher Illustrated by Amy Blay

Published: 2011 by Grosset & Dunlap

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

First and foremost, the cover just caught my attention!

…. And the dog with a Jack Russell box around his middle!

… And the bird playing maracas!

Wendy Starbright lives in Boxville – a small town in a valley that makes sure it’s residents fit neatly into boxes.

There’s even a Box Factory at the heart of Boxville.

Not only do the people and animals of Boxville wear boxes, but even the trees are in boxes.

Each box says who you are. Officer Miranda Wrights box says “Police Officer”. Bella Fashionista’s box says “Fashionista”. Even the Dachshund ‘s box says “Dachshund”.

Wendy doesn’t know what or who she wants to be. Her box has a giant question mark on the front.

It’s not that Wendy doesn’t know who she is, it’s just that she doesn’t want to be labeled.

Wendy knows she’s different, she just doesn’t know how special she is!

Wendy can’t be labelled as any one thing since she has so many varying interests: playing guitar, shooting hoops, travelling and have adventures! How can she choose just one!?

Her box is too constrictive.

All of her friends have boxes inscribed with what they want to be. Hope wants to be a doctor. Joe wants to be a soldier. And Candy wants to be a Baker.

Wendy has a brilliant idea? To step outside of her box! Literally.

I love how this book really shows and illustrates the importance of thinking outside of the box.

Wendy does the unthinkable. One an early Wednesday morning, she sets out to school — BOXLESS! Gasp!

She causes quite a stir.

Without her box, Wendy feels most like herself than she ever has.

I love how this book shows readers that we people weren’t made to just have one “box” but many.

We should celebrate out unique-ness. And embrace out differences.

I love how, when dreaming of being a famous actress, Wendy looks a little like Marie Antoinette.

The Boxville way is: “To Choose a Box For the Rest of Your Life.”

Wendy is pointed and laughed at by her friends and her teacher for being herself.

The teacher also calls her a disappointment.

But she’s not a disappointment to her family.

I love how this book shows that family is always there for you! And they accept you for who you are, no matter what your box says.

Wendy’s family agrees one hundred percent with Wendy – boxless is the way to go.

Even though they ditched their boxes, they still have a use for them: loading all of their belongings into them and moving to Freedomland.

I love how this book shows young readers the importance of dreaming!

You can be anything you really want to be, as long as you put your mind to it.

No box can define you.

The illustrations are outstanding! The bright images leap off the page, and invite readers into the Wendy’s world.

The writing isn’t only smart and whimsical, it’s also charming.

This is the kind of book I want in my own personal library!

I love colors of this book: various shades of blue, red, orange, beige, and white.

Who says you can only follow one dream?


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