The Dead and Buried


The Dead And Buried by Kim Harrington (Received from publisher for review)


For as long as Jade could remember she’s always wanted to move, to live somewhere different. She’s dreamed for so long about living in a big house in a nice, quiet suburb. So when her father and her stepmother Marie announce their plans for a new home and a new life, Jade is overjoyed.

So much so that she doesn’t mind moving away from her childhood home, the one that reminds her of her long gone mother. Nor does she mind being considered the “new” girl going into her senior year.

Looking forward to a new school and a fresh new life, Jade feels comfortable and confident in her new home and neighborhood. Even if her neighbor is a bit creepy. Even if the boy with the dreamy eyes seems spooked by her. Nothing can get her down.

That is, until her little brother Colby tells her about the glimmering girl he sees in his room, the girl who wants to speak but can’t. At first Jade brushes him confession off, but when strange things begin happening to her she can’t ignore it any longer.

Kayla Sloan, the once popular it girl, who fell to her death on the very stairs Jade walks up and down daily, may be dead, but her spirit certainly isn’t. And she will not rest in peace until she gets what she wants.

The Dead and Buried written by author Kim Harrington is a twisted thriller that will keep readers, not only tangled up in this tale of horror and revenge, alert, aware, and biting their nails.

Author Harrington has managed, not only to weave a memorable tale, but to weave it well. Her stellar writing really brings The Dead and Buried to life. Readers will be thoroughly creeped out by Kayla, will whole heartedly believe in the power of Jade’s pendants, and will be left guessing who or what pushed Kayla down those steps?

Beyond a well written, gripping story, Harrington creates charismatic characters that readers will find easy to relate to. Not only are they full of depth, they are real. Jade, The Dead and Buried’s leading lady is fierce! Smart and strong, Jade doesn’t back down, not even when she’s deathly afraid. And let’s be honest, Jade is the kind of girl anyone would want to be friends with.

But Jade isn’t the only character who pops off the page. Alexa, Jades first friend in her new school, is a quirky girl who readers will want to get to know. Donovan, the brooding love interest, is down right swoon worthy. And even wanna-be mean girl Faye, is a fun character who’s simply fascinating.

The Dead and Buried is a really great read with lots of twists and turns. Spanning several different genres, there really is something for everyone who picks up this book. There’s romance, possibly even a – dare I say it – love triangle. There’s spine-tingling suspense. There’s bone chilling horror. I promise you readers, you will not be disappointed.

2 thoughts on “The Dead and Buried

  1. Thanks for this Awesome review. I have been wondering if this was one I would want to read. Thanks to you, it just jumped to the top of my TBR list.

  2. When I was in junior high, I was addicted to the novels of Lois Duncan, Mary Downing Hahn and other masters of the paranormal and downright spooky. I loved the blending of conventional high school romance and family themes with (even) darker and more sinister overtones. Kim Harrington, whose earlier novels include CLARITY and PERCEPTION, now gives readers her creepiest novel yet, a ghost story more than a little reminiscent of Lois Duncan and Co…and just as liable to give readers nightmares as those novels I read decades ago.

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