Book of the Week: This Moose Belongs to Me

Book of the Week, Children's

This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers

Published: 2012 by Philomel

Reasons why I liked this book, and Chose it As Book of the Week:

It’s an Oliver Jeffers book, need I say more.

There’s a moose in this book.

I never realized it, but I really like moose!

The cover of this book looks like it should be on a postcard – it’s so picturesque.

The main character, Wilfred, names his pet moose Marcel. It’s a fitting name.

Wilfred and Marcel do everything together. They listen to music, they go for long walks, and they basically enjoy each other’s company.

Wilfred has many rules that will help Marcel become the best pet moose he could possibly be.

Rule # 4: “Not making too much noise while Wilfred plays his record collection.” Marcel is a pro at keeping quiet. He doesn’t say a word!

Rule # 11: “Providing shelter from the rain.” Marcel makes a great umbrella.

The only rule Marcel has a slight issue following was the one where he shouldn’t stray far from home. To correct that, Wilfred simply used a long piece of string to remember which way is home.

Wilfred is a dreamer with big plans – – he dreams of riding the waves in a barrel with Marcel.

When riding these waves Wilfred wears a bright blue helmet with sparkling stars.

On one of their adventures Wilfred makes a terrible discovery:  Marcel is someone else’s moose.

And his name isn’t Marcel, it’s Rodrigo.

Wilfred tried everything in his powers to convince both Marcel and the old lady who’s moose it really is.

Wilfred’s powers don’t work as well as he hoped they would.

Wilfred wears suspenders and a bow tie – he’s very dashing!

Wilfred, upset at the recent turn of events, runs away, and gets tangled in the string that was supposed to help him find his way home.

Stuck, he lays there, helpless.  Until Marcel, faithful moose and good friend comes and finds him.

While laying there, he thinks of all the animals that would make great pets. A bear, a penguin, a shark — all will not make great pets. Only moose will make a great pets.

And Marcel, upon finding a very tangled up Wilfred, actually followed one very important rule: Rule #73 “rescuing your owner from perilous situations.”

I love how this book shows that friends always prevail.

And that friends forgive and forget.

The writing that fills this book is fun and well written.

The illustrations are exceptional.

There isn’t one thing that I didn’t love about this book.

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