Book of the Week: A Home for Bird

Book of the Week, Children's

A Home For Bird by Philip C. Stead

Published: 2012 by Roaring Brook Press

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

Even though I’m not huge fan of birds in real life, I do think they make great characters.

Bird isn’t your typical bird. He’s a Cuckoo bird! Yes, one that lives in a Cuckoo clock.

I like cuckoo clocks, even though many people find them annoying.

The fact that one of the main characters is a cuckoo clock bird makes me love the unique-ness of this book.

The other main character is a small frog named Vernon.

Vernon is a perfect name for a frog. And he likes to forage for interesting items like, soda caps, a pink yo-yo, and a battered baseball.

Vernon is very considerate, and very caring. He knows that Bird is lost, and possibly home sick since he’s so quiet, and vows to help him find his way home.

Vernon has many friends, among them are Skunk and Porcupine.

The yo-yo’s rope gets tangled in Porcupine’s quills.

Vernon shows Bird all the things he loves to do: sitting quietly by the river, collecting acorns in the forest, and even cloud watching.

Bird said nothing during their outing.

Vernon’s a little worry-wart.

Sad that Bird is sad, Vernon decides to take action to make his new friend happy. He decides to travel alongside bird to find his home.

This is an adventure book!

Vernon prepares a boat and an oar – a tea cup with a straw and plaid napkin for the said, and a spook for the oar.

Vernon is one smart frog!

They say goodbye and set said. Together Bird and Vernon try different homes.

From mailboxes to birdcages to bird feeders. But Bird’s silent all the way.

Vernon will not settle until Bird chirps his happiness.

I love how, when trying out a mailbox for a home, Vernon has to stand atop of a pink flamingo to see inside.

The two traveling companions meet many new friends.

A big red balloon helps them along on their journey to find a home.

Sailing high above the clouds they finally come upon a quaint farm house in the hopes of resting for the night.

It’s there, in the farm house’s kitchen that Bird finds a home – in his own Cuckoo Clock!

Vernon knows Bird loves his home because he finally speaks. Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!

Vernon is happy because Bird is happy.

Vernon is a great friend.

I love how this book really drives the “there’s no place like home” sentiment home.

I love how this book also shows that friends can be friends no matter who or what they are.

I love the artwork that fills this book. It’s both playful and sophisticated.

The writing is strong, and the story is a really sweet, tender story.