It’s a Small World … After All

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holiday swap

So if you read my post a week or so ago about the Cold Nights, Warm Books Holiday swap, you (should) already know that I participated in three different book blogger holiday swaps.

I once again participated in the Holiday Swap. Looking forward to the familiarity of it in the midst of all the new holiday swaps I was participating in I was really looking forward to it. But when I signed up, I soon realized that things would work differently this year. It was a bit confusing but by the end everything worked itself out.

Now, as any normal secret santa swap would go I was anxiously anticipating to see, not only who had me as their secret santa, but if the book blogger I was giving to had received her gifts. I quickly found out this past Friday who had me.

As it turns out my good, real life friend Emma (Miss Print, in case you didn’t already know) had me. It’s a small world, isn’t it?

To say the least, I was surprised.

Emma spoiled me! Really, she did! From her, I received:

swap gift

One of my newly deemed most favorite books, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky (the movie tie-in edition), an ARC of Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson, a book I’ve coveted since I first heard about it. A Hello Kitty Momiji doll, and two decorative boxes: a beautiful snowman and a teeny tiny own that houses an even teenier, tinier horse.


(Personally, I think the owl ate the horse hee hee!)

As you can tell by this post, Miss Print was very, very generous. To my real life friend Emma, I just want to say Thank You! Not only for the pos-i-tutely awesome gift, but for being a great friend! That’s the best gift I could ever ask for!

On a final note, I hope all of you, my readers, followers, subscribers have a very happy and a very healthy Holiday season full of love, laughs, and of course good books!

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