False Memory


False Memory by Dan Krokos (Picked up at BEA 2012)


When Miranda wakes up on a park bench, alone and confused, she’s more than scared. She’s memoryless. She remembers her name, but not much else. She doesn’t remember her home life, of if she even has one. She doesn’t remember her friends, or possible lack of. She doesn’t remember that she possesses a very unique power.

That is, until she visits a local mall, looking for memories and answers that she figures out that has the power to ignite sheer panic into the masses. Around her, people rush to get away. Hurriedly stepping over bodies, and tumbling over guard rails. Everyone except for the dark haired boy who seems to have taken up residence in the food court.

Peter isn’t only immune to Miranda’s powers, he also holds answers to Miranda’s many questions. Who is she? Why does he know so much about her and her powers? Why is he immune to them?

Turns out Miranda is one of four genetically engineered teenagers who were created for the sole purpose of being lethal weapons. Peter too is one of the four, and also shares Miranda’s powers.

False Memory, the first in a projected series, is author Dan Krokos’s debut novel. And it’s one of those books that will leave readers slack-jawed and gripping the edge of their seats.

Fast paced and action packed, Krokos easily proves that his writing isn’t only creative, but edgy and strong. He spins an unbelievable story, but his writing make reader’s believe. Can our memories be altered? Is there a group looking to breed humans for the sake of mass destruction and chaos.

Readers will really appreciate that False Memory’s plotline is rooted in science, however what they’ll appreciate more is that the science part of this thriller does not weigh down the text. In fact it gives a better understanding of the well crafted characters that fill the pages of Krokos’s book.

Miranda, False Memory’s leading lady, may not be the leader of her small group of super teens, but she should be. Beyond being well crafted, she’s a character that readers will bond with, will root for, and will identify with. And beyond that, she’s kick butt!

In all honesty, as a reader who’s mainly rooted in contemporary, realistic fiction, I didn’t expect to like, let alone love, False Memory as much as I did. That’s part of the reason why I loved it, because it was surprising. False Memory is a fresh and contemporary read, and dare I say it, realistic.

I only had one real flaw with Krokos’s False Memory: while learning so much about Miranda and her memories, I felt like I really didn’t get to know the rest of the cast. It’s not that they weren’t vivid and realistic, it’s just that I wanted more. I especially wanted to know more about Olive.

Needless to say, readers won’t be able to wait for the follow-up to False Memory. I know I can’t wait to see what happens to Miranda and company.

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