Book of the Week: Rat and Roach Friends to the End

Rat and Roach Friends To the End by David Covell

Published: 2012 by Viking

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I love that the two main character are a rat and a roach, creatures most people find repulsive.

When rat goes traipsing about in the sewers he wears a speedo and swim fins.

Roach is a neat freak. Rat is not.

This book shows that opposites really do attract.

It also shows readers that friends accept each other for who they are.

Relationships are give and take. For example, when Rat makes a mess Roach cleans it up.

When Roach cleans he wears pink rubber gloves.

This book shows that no person is perfect. We all have faults. Rat makes stink bombs, roach is a neat freak.

Friends sometimes argue and disagree.

When Rat and Roach disagree they call each other names.

Rat calls Roach: “toothpick, crabby head, flea!”

Roach calls Rat: “hair ball, tuna breath, and mouse!”

Rat likes to make things look pretty. He likes to paint chairs with pink flowers, spray sweet-smelling air freshener, and cook gourmet dinners.

Rat does NOT likes these things. But he does like to hug Roach (even if he squeezes too tightly), he likes to mimic Roach (even if it’s a bit annoying), and he likes to play drums in his band (even if Roach can’t sing).

It’s important to remember that if friends disagree you should always apologize and make up. No disagreement is worth losing a friend over.

Roach wears pink bunny slippers! For a Roach he’s totally cute!

I think Roach’s favorite color is pink.

I love how this book shows readers what true friendship is all about: give and take, good times and bad. 

Even though these two often disagree, they hug and makeup. They finally realize that their friendship is more important than any disagreement.

Author David Covell’s writing is smart and funny. As much of a children’s picture book this is, adults will appreciate the human and Covell’s attention to detail.

The illustrations are spot on. I love the illustrations are in various shades of gray, pink, green. I love the use of white space.

This is another one of those book that I would love to in my personal library.

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