The Dark Unwinding


The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron (Received ARC from Book Expo America 2012)


Seventeen – year – old Katherine Tullman is trapped in a life she doesn’t want and didn’t ask for. Orphaned and poor, her only home and means of income is her overbearing and money hungry aunt. Keeping books is all she knows, and if she listens to her aunt all she will ever know. Katherine knows she isn’t as worthless as her rich aunt says she is.

She has a purpose in this life. But right now, that purpose is to pay a visit to Stranwyn Keep, a community where her lives and works. A community that supports her aunt and plump younger cousin’s spending habits.

Katherine is sent there for one important reason: to observe and determine if her uncle is certifiably¬†insane. Katherine doesn’t know much about the man she calls Uncle Tully, but upon arrival she soon learns that he’s definitely not insane. Rather, a misunderstood genius.

In her heart of hearts Katherine knows the only reason why her aunt sent her to Stranwyn Keep is to lock Uncle Tully up and collect a major pay off.

Will Katherine buckle under her aunt’s pressure? Will she stand up the uncle she’s come to love? Will she strand up for herself?

The Dark Unwinding is author Sharon Cameron’s debut novel. And it’s one that will keep readers on their toes.

Cameron’s writing is rock solid. In fact it is what really drives her debut novel. Full of descriptions that practically pop off the page, readers won’t have any trouble visualized what Stranwyn Keep looks like, from the tiny cottages to the rolling green hills. They’ll be able to visualize all the “toys” created by Uncle Tully and his imagination, especially that floating dragon.

Beyond her vivid descriptions, Cameron’s characters are another driving force. What makes them so is that they’re real. Reader’s will sympathize with Katherine, will fall head over heals for Lane, and will adore Uncle Tully and his wild imagination.

What I loved most about Cameron’s debut, The Dark Unwinding, is the fact that it’s an original, refreshing story that will engage and engross readers. Within the pages there really is something for everyone: magic, mystery, suspense, horror, and even budding romance.

The Dark Unwinding wasn’t flawless though. The biggest issue I had with it: it ended way too soon! Readers will want more, will want more explanations, and will want to know more about Uncle Tully’s toys!

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