Book of the Week: Vote For ME!

Book of the Week, Children's

Vote For Me by Ben Clanton

Published: 2012 by Kids Can Press, Ltd.

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I figured that it’s a time appropriate book that lets young readers learn about the importance of voting.

Vote for Donkey! Vote For Elephant!

I love that the two candidates are a donkey and an elephant – the two animals that represent the Democratic and Republican parties.

The two character vying for reader’s attention by doling out the compliments.

I love how this book shows young readers that sometimes in politics feelings get hurt, falsehoods get tossed around, and at the end of the day no one can cast your vote but you.

Voters should always be well-informed – on the issues as well as the candidates themselves.

According to Donkey “97% of sheep agree that Donkey is #1. (The other 3% are the black sheep of their families.)”

At one point the two main characters – Donkey and Elephant – aren’t just slinging insulting names back and forth, they are actually slinging mud at one another. I know it’s not civil, but it’s insanely funny.

Reasons why to vote for Donkey: he’ll give you candy, he wears clean underwear, his mom says you should, elephants stink, and he knows where you sleep.

For your information, Elephant does NOT stink. Little independent mouse checked it out…no stinky elephants.

The elephant offers voters peanuts in return for their votes.

I love how Donkey wears a blue bow-tie and Elephant wears a yellow tie. They’re very classy candidates.

The mean, yet funny, names they call each other are: pooper scooper, booger breath, belching beast of burden, snot sucker.

But when Donkey calls Elephant JUMBO he’s crossed a line.

I love how this shows young readers that name calling – no matter how funny you may find these names are – that names hurt.

In elections sometimes the winner of the election isn’t who you expect or hope for. You’ll never guess who wins this election!

After reading this book, I’m not sure who I would vote for: Donkey or Elephant. They both are such charismatic characters, readers will love both of them. (This is going to be a close race!)

Independent mouse is a character small in size and role in the book, but he’s a very important character.

I love the writing of this book. It’s appealing to young children, but doesn’t underestimate them. Author Ben Clanton’s writing is smart, witty, informative, and often funny.

The illustrations are in various shades of red, white, and blue keeping with the patriotic theme.

I really enjoyed this book as a whole. I think both children and adults will enjoy this book.