Book of the Week: The Insomniacs

Book of the Week, Children's

The Insomniacs by Karina Wolf Illustrated by The Brothers Hilts

Published: 2012 by Putnam Books

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

I love the family portrait that greets reader’s at the books beginning. It reminds me of something that would hang in an old, creepy Victorian mansion.

This book shows kids that some people are morning people and some people are night people.

When Mother’s job forces the family of insomniacs to move clear across the world twelve time zones away – the family doesn’t complain.

It’s the move into a different time zone than makes these formerly day people into night people.

I love how the family doesn’t complain about having to pick up their life and move to an unfamiliar one. I think it shows the importance of family, and sticking by your family.

The daughter’s name is Mika. Awesome name!

This book shows readers what happens when one doesn’t catch enough zzz’s. In the insomniacs case: Mother nods at her desk while at work. Father snaps photos and then snoozes in his studio. And Mika is lulled to sleep by her school lessons. (But remember kids, it’s not wise to sleep during class!)
There are many remedies for not being able to sleep: warm baths, counting sheep, meditation, and warm milk. All of which the Insomniacs try, all of which fail.

I love how this book shows young and old readers alike the importance of acceptance – acceptance of the things we can’t necessarily control.

The Insomniac family reminds me of another, famous family … The Addams Family!

I love The Addams Family and now, after reading The Insomniacs I love the Insomniac Family.

This book shows the importance of being flexible. Especially when it comes to time. No schedule is ever set in stone.

When the Insomniacs can’t figure out how to catch some zzz’s the set out to ask their neighbors: the bears, the lynx, the walrus, and the other animals that live twelve time zones away.

I love how the Insomniacs mistake bats for mice hanging upside down.

It was in the dark of night that they realized that life is awake all around them. They realized it’s normal to be awake all night and asleep all day. From that point on they carried about their normal everyday activities at night: Mika took night classes, the went on family walks through the quiet streets, they bought fresh-baked bread, etc..

This book celebrates unique-ness.

Mother has a moonlight cactus. I like cacti!

Mika has many pets: an aardvark, an angel shark, a bandicoot, and a small-eared zorro, and a fennec fox. I would love any one of those pets!

I love the Insomniacs home! It’s so … beautiful and Victorian looking.

Let’s talk about this books color scheme – kids young and old will appreciate it! The colors that fill this book are various shades of blues, black, white, red, and yellow! It’s simply beautiful.

I love, Love, LOVE the writing. Author Karina Wolf’s writing is smart, sophisticated, with a whole lot of fun and whimsy.

The illustrations really pop off the page … muted colors and all!

This is the kind of book I want to put in every reader’s hands! It’s the kind of book that I feel was made just for me and fit for my own personal library!

In short: I loved everything about this book (and I think you will too)!


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