The Curiosities: A Collection of Stories


The Curiosities: A Collection of Stories by Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, and Brenna Yovanoff (Picked up at BEA 2012)

When Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton, and Brenna Yovanoff – three celebrated young adult authors – join forces the outcome is bound to be magical. And as magical as it is, it’s also a bit curious.

What started as a shared blog used primarily to post flash fiction short stories, the Merry Sister’s of Fate only bargained for perfecting their already near perfect writing skills and gaining some critical feedback from fans and writing group partners alike.

But after several years and more than several short stories Stiefvater, Gratton, and Yovanoff have just released a collected anthology of short stories fit to satisfy any and all reading tastes. The Curiosities: A Collection of Stories as it’s titled features the best of the best that these three authors have to offer.

So what can reader’s – both devoted fans and newcomers to these authors – expect?

Some stories are truly odd, but simultaneously fascinating. Take Gratton’s Ash-Tree Spell to Break Your Heart. It’s a short story about a young girl who have been created, Frankenstein style, out of beeswax and honey who is send on a deadly mission: to break the heart of a very specific man, a man who her creator has held a grudge on for some time.

Other stories are beautiful to the point of haunting. Yovanoff’s short story titled Neighbors is one of those stories. It’s a slow story about two neighbors, young girls, who find themselves in a ghostly position.

Further still, there’s Stiefvater’s story titled Heart Shaped Box, which admittedly I thought was based upon Nirvana’s song by the same title. But I quickly found out, after reading the story that it was created after author Stiefvater’s listened to Head Automatica’s “Brooklyn is Burning.”

Whatever song it is based upon it’s a story so savagely tragic readers will have a hard time shaking it from their memory. It’s an apocalyptic world where dying musicians seek out beating hearts of dead children in order to live on.

This journal-esque anthology invites reader’s in. Readers will feel as if their peeking into someone’s private journal. Maybe it’s the doodles that cover the pages, or the critiques scrawled within the margins.

Every story is vastly different. Yet they are all linked by a single thread – a similar plot line and/or theme. The stories that fill this anthology are unique, and have personalities all their own.

Readers will develop a sense of Stiefvater’s, Gratton’s, and Yovanoff’s signature writing styles. And will find it very difficult to pick a favorite author and a favorite story. Beyond their unique writing styles, each story is extremely well written.
Besides being creative and well crafted, these stories are original.


Unlike any other work out there, this collection of stories are inspiring! So much so that Emma (Miss Print) and I have taken to start our very own shared blog, posting our own short stories. Titled Little Women Stories, we already have stories posted!

In you’re looking for an exceptional collection of short stories, The Curiosities: A Collection of Stories is your book.

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