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I recently read and reviewed Amanda Hocking’s latest book Wake. And, as you know (that is, if you read my review) I loved it! It was my kind of book. I only had one real issue with it — it left me with many burning questions. Part of those questions will be left unanswered until  I get the chance to read  second, third, and fourth books.

But luckily for me, and for you fellow blog readers, Amanda Hocking graciously agreed to answer some of those burning questions. Enjoy the interview!

The BookBandit (BB): Can you tell me about yourself, and about your background as a writer?

Amanda Hocking (AH): I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life, and I’ve been writing since I was a little kid. I finished my first novel when I was 17, and I’ve gone on to write 25 books since then. I started out writing more character driven thriller-horror, but I’ve mostly been writing paranormal romance and a little horror for the last few years.

BB: What was the inspiration behind your book, Wake?

AH: I grew up really fascinated by mythology and fantasy. Wake introduces a more contemporary take on one of my favorite stories from Greek mythology.

BB: How was writing Wake different from the writing of your previous titles?
AH: The process itself wasn’t all that different. I worked the idea in my head about a year before I started outlining and getting my notes together, and then I wrote it over a couple of weeks. Most of my other novels are written in first person, and it was a lot more freeing to write in third person, so that part was fun. I was able to show different elements of the story that I wouldn’t be able to if I could only see things through Gemma or Harper’s eyes.

BB: If you could describe your characters – Gemma, Harper, Penn, Lexi, Thea, etc. – with only one song, what song would beside describe/represent them?
AH: Gemma – Florence + the Machine “Never Let Me Go”
Harper – Arcade Fire “Wake Up”
Penn – Marilyn Manson “If I Was Your Vampire”
Lexi – La Roux “In For the Kill”
Thea – Mumford & Sons “White Blank Page”
Daniel – Led Zepplin “All My Love”
Alex – Desire “Under Your Spell”

BB: What was the most difficult part of writing Wake? Now that it’s finished, and published, looking back is there anything you would have done or written differently?
AH: The most difficult part of writing a book, for me, is always the beginning. Getting started and getting in the flow of it can be tough sometimes. Conversely, the end is always the easiest and my favorite part to write. I don’t think I’d really change anything about it. Overall, I’m really pleased with the story and where it’s going.

BB: Of all the characters in Wake, which one, would you say are you most like? Why?
AH: Marcy. She’d rather be reading than interacting with real people, and she’s into all kinds of weird stuff.

BB: What kind of research did you have to do in order to write Wake?
AH: Most of the research I did was about Greek mythology and trying to decide exactly how I wanted to interpret it. There’s some contradictory ideas about sirens, and I wanted to stay as faithful to the original mythos as I could, while at the same time being true to what people think of them now.
BB:  As a writer, you stay very connected via your blog, twitter, etc. Why is it important to you and your writing to stay connected?
AH: It was something that happened organically. Blogging and twitter are something that I enjoy, and I would use them even if I wasn’t talking to readers. But the readers of my books have been so amazingly supportive of me, so I feel like I kind of owe it to them to stay as connected as I can be.
BB: If anything, could you tell what readers will expect from the rest of the Watersong series?
AH: Wake sets the stage for the rest of the series, so as the books go on, the danger and romance get amped up. I also delve more into the history and personalities of Penn, Lexi, and Thea.

BB: What advice could you give to aspiring writers?

AH: Keep writing, keep reading, and edit, edit, edit.


I just want to say THANK YOU to the lovely and talented Amanda Hocking! It was great reading, reviewing, and of course interviewing you on my blog!

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