Take Me There


Take Me There by Susane Colasanti


Her life was near perfect. She has two best friends – James and Nicole – who she, not only has tons of fun with, but also can count on through thick and think. She has a family that cares, even if they’re often too busy for her. And she has Steve, her boyfriend who she’s crazy about. But Steve wants something – someone – more spontaneous. Rhiannon may be devastate, but she’s not giving up hope. She’s determined to win him back. Even if best friends James and Nicole don’t think it’s going to work.


James is the most together guy anyone will meet. Or so it would appear from the outside. He’s a talented computer designer who’s home life is often cramped and chaotic. The only thing that keeps him sane is best friend Rhiannon. But his feeling for Rhiannon are more than just friendly. So when he finds out that the jerk, Steve, she’s been seeing breaks up with her, it’s finally his time. His time to tell Rhiannon that she deserves better, that he’s the guy for her. But he has to act fast, before Rhiannon’s plan to win Steve back actually works.


Nicole, Rhiannon’s other best friend, is willing to do anything for her friend. Even if it means going along with the crazy, mixed up plan Rhiannon has. Even if it means not telling her that Steve broke up with her for someone else. If this is what it takes to help her friend, she’ll do it. Honestly though, she’s not the best one to give any kind of love advice, especially since she broke up with her boyfriend Danny for no apparent reason. Oh, and she’s in love with her math teacher. Nicole has her own love issues.

Will these three best friends ever be on the same page?

Susane Colasanti’s Take Me There follows three teens during the course of the week. The book takes readers on the roller coaster ride knows as the teens life. With pitch perfect honesty, Colasanti shows the dramas of a typical teen.

Unlike Colasanti’s other books, Take Me There isn’t solely focused on the romance aspect. Colasanti weaves three vastly differently, deeply complex stories seamlessly into one. Broken down into two parts, readers will have the chance to get to know all three main characters – get the chance to tell their own side of this one story.But Colasanti fans fear not! There’s enough romance between the pages to satisfy.

With unique voices and perspectives Rhiannon, James, and Nicole pop off the page and come to life. What makes this so is Colasanti’s writing. As always it’s solid and completely her own. From the first page to the last, Colasanti fans will recognize her unique stamp on the book.

Take Me There explores all the things that teens explore on a daily basis. Love and relationships, happiness and heartache. And it’s exactly those aspects that makes Colasanti’s book so honest.