Book of the Week: Moon Dreams

Moon Dreams by Ruth Martin Illustrated by Olivier Latyk

Published: 2010 by Templar

Reasons why I liked this book and chose it as Book of the Week:

The thought and the imagination that went into creating this book isn’t only apparent it’s incredible.

This book kind of makes me wish I was an astronaut. I would want to visit the moon.

I love how the main character’s name is Luna.

This book shows just how powerful the moon could be. It shows that the moon  isn’t just about providing a glowing light in the dark night, but for some it provides comfort and serenity.

For little Luna, it helps lull her to sleep.

Luna’s dreams are vivid. From her bouncing upon the moon’s surface to deep-sea diving and finding the moon swimming among the fish.

I love how the book shows just how inquisitive Luna is. She often wonders where the moon goes when the sun fills the sky during the day. I feel like a lot of children wonder this. I know I did when I was little.

The answers Luna comes up with are inventive – maybe the moon slips into the whooshing ocean waves. maybe it hid behind the snowy mountains, or maybe it simply hides behind the billowy clouds.

I love how the book shows that some questions aren’t easy to answer, that some aren’t as straightforward as others. But just because the answer isn’t clear it doesn’t stop Luna from wondering and questioning.

Luna knows in her heart that even when the sun disappears it’s always in her heart, and her dreams.

I love the dreamy colors this book was created. Soft, various shades of blues, glowing yellows, and black as dark as a night sky without the moon.

The illustrations are great. I think they are what really attracted me to this book.

The writing is spectacular. It’s smart and engaging.


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