Embrace by Jessica Shirvington

Violet Eden’s has always disliked birthdays, specifically her own. The reasons for her dislike isn’t because her birthday is a cruel reminder of getting older, but rather because it’s a vicious reminder that the day she was born was also the day her mother died.

This year is different though. Sure her best friend and father have been urging her to have fun, but that isn’t what makes her seventeenth birthday so strange. First, the veins in her wrist have been twisting into an intricate pattern, the same pattern that’s carved into the wooden box her father gave her. The box from her long dead mother.

Inside that wooden box covered with intricate carvings, Violet finds a leather cuff bracelet and a handwritten letter telling to her believe the unbelievable. But there’s more to the box than just a bracelet and a letter, there’s a secret that goes along with it.

The secret: Violet isn’t an average girl. She’s a Gregori, part human, part angel. But there’s a catch, her angelic talents won’t kick in until she embraces. That is, if she chooses to embrace the world and lifestyle of a Gregori.

Written by author Jessica Shirvington, Embrace is the first book in a set series of four titles.

Readers wouldn’t know that Embrace is author Shirvington’s first novel. The writing is sharp and smart. The exchanges of dialog flow smoothly. Beyond that, Shirvington has managed to make this fantastical plot line realistic. Readers will be able to feel every emotion, will be able to sense the building tension, will be wrapped up in every action packed scene.

What makes Embrace so real are the characters that live within the pages of this book. Violet, who admittedly could be a bit wishy, washy, proves, in the long run to be a strong heroine. She isn’t just physically strong, she’s also mentally strong. Besides Violet, Embrace features a swoon worth guy – or two. Lincoln and Phoenix specifically are honest and real, both representing light and dark, good and evil.

Embrace is full of many enjoyable moments. It’s a fast paced read that will keep readers engaged. However, I found there were some predictable moments. I found that I knew what Violet’s decisions were going to be before she even made them. But these predictable moments weren’t enough to hinder the overall read for me.

Vastly different from other angel themed books, Embrace is a fun read that won’t only capture reader’s attention, but will leave them wanting more.