Brightly Woven


Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken

A war is brewing. But sixteen year old weaver Sydelle Mirabel does not know that. All she knows is that she’s safe in her small desert town of Cliffton, and that it hasn’t rained in the past seven years. Not one single drop of rain. That is, until a speck of water fell from the sky,splashing Sydelle. And with the rain came a cloaked stranger – Wayland North.

North, the cloaked stranger, is a wizard on a mission. His mission: to stop this war before it’s even begun. This should be easy, being he’s a wizard with magical powers and all. But anything involving North is far from easy. He needs someone else. He needs Sydelle and her weaving ability..

So when he saves her from the men storming her safe hometown her parents offer him a reward of his own choosing. He chooses Sydelle. Together, they travel far and wide facing obstacle upon obstacle.

Will Sydelle and North arrive in time to put a stop to this war?

Brightly Woven, author Alexandra Bracken’s first novel, is an exquisite fantasy that will transport readers into Sydelle’s world.

Brightly Woven is a well written first novel that doesn’t solely focus on the fantastical elements of the plot line. Other genre elements work their way into the story. For example, from the get go, readers will quickly pick up on the budding romance between main characters Sydelle and North. There is even a slight air of mystery surrounding the characters and the reason for the brewing war. The mixing of genres makes for a fun and interesting read.

What makes Bracken’s book stand out are her well crafted characters. In a word, they’re exceptional. Sydelle and North, from the first moment they meet have instand chemistry. Sydelle is the true definition of a hero. Not only is she brave, but she’s smart, thoughtful, and a real trooper. While Sydelle relies on his wits to get by, dashing wizard North relies on his charm. He can sweet talk his way out of any situation, good or bad.

Brightly Woven is a great read. However, there’s two minor flaws – there are some unresolved issues as well as some questions that are left unanswered. However these flaws, for me at least, did not detract from the book. In fact, I found it left things open to my own interpretation. Bracken’s story is unique, it’s imaginative, and dare I say it – magical! Bracken is sure to win over reader’s with this fantastic read.