Book of the Week: Bridget Fidget and the Most Perfect Pet

Bridget Fidget and Most perfect Pet by Joe Berger

Published: 2009 by Dial

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

The red polka dot end papers just add a bright touch to an already bright book.

In an odd way Bridget Fidget reminded of two very famous characters – Pippy Longstocking and Madeline. Two of my favorite characters might I add.

This book shows just how wild a child’s imagination can soar.

I agree with Bridget, unicorns would make awesome pets!

Especially one’s name Thunderhooves.

There’s a whole lot of laughs contained in this short book.

I really love how children will easily identify with main character Bridget. As an adult, I even identified with her.

As a non-pet own I sympathize with Bridget. I too want a pet of my own.

I love how curious Bridget is.

I like how Bridget’s curiosity can really inspire readers adventurous side.

Bridget isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, she also isn’t afraid to make a mess.

Captain Cat is Bridget’s faithful sidekick. Admittedly, he doesn’t look thrilled about his role. That fact alone made the book all the more funnier.

I think this book shows children the kind of responsibility it takes to take care of a pet, whether it’s a unicorn or a small mouse.

Bridget would make a great pet owner.

I love that this book has a mysterious flare to it: what is in that small box?! Readers will guess along with Bridget? Is it a unicorn? Is it a penguin? Is it a really sleepy mouse?

Bridget has a dramatic flare.

Bridget’s parents are accepting of her ways. When she gets snow (packing peanuts) all over the place, they aren’t happy, but they don’t scold or punish her.

Bridget’s unstoppable!

It shows the only time Bridget is still is when she’s sleeping. It’s very true of children in general.

I love how the surprise of what’s in the box makes Bridget even happier, even if it isn’t a pet.

Even if it’s not a pet, she’s found something that is as great as a unicorn. It’s a ladybug! Quite possibly my favorite bug.

Can you guess what Bridget names said bug? You got it? Thunderhooves. Perfectly fitting.

I loved this book there was something endearing about it.

The writing is great! it’s as carefree and spirited as Bridget Fidget herself.

The illustrations are as charming as the writing. They really bring the story to life.

I love the colors used in said illustrations. They aren’t bright, yet they aren’t subdued. They are smooth and fit the tone of the story.

One thought on “Book of the Week: Bridget Fidget and the Most Perfect Pet

  1. Jenna says:

    Nice review! Makes me want to check it out too! Though i hope there’s a pic of the book.. Anyway, we met at BEA last june (thoug u might not remember as I really dont remember everyone i met..hehe) you might want to drop by my blog too Coffee,books,and me !

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