Crossed by Ally Condie

Cassia has risked everything for Ky, the boy she loves. She’s risked losing her family. She’s risked losing Xander, her best friend and societal match. She’s risked a secure future and a safe life. But that’s not all she’s risking.

When a Society plane lands in her work camp looking for bunk-mate Indy, Cassia knows she has to get on, whether the Society likes it or not. She has to get to the Outer Provinces, the place The Society sends aberrations to practically fend for themselves and eventually die.

Before she knows it, Cassia finders herself in the heart of the Outer Provinces. But Ky isn’t there. He’s run. Run from the Outer Provinces with friends Vick and Eli into the Carving – a mysterious structure that holds several small farming villages and supposedly The Rising.

Following in Ky’s footsteps Cassia and bunk-mate Indy run, as fast and hard as they can. But making her way through the carving and to Ky isn’t going to be easy. Cassia and Indy face bad weather, little to no food, more than one path to choose from, and facing the possibility that she may never find Ky.

Even though Ky has lived in the Outer Provinces before, will he survive life within the Carving?

Crossed, book two in the Matched trilogy, written by author Ally Condie is an exciting follow-up that is sure to please fans of Matched.

What sets Crossed apart from Matched is that reader’s have the chance to get to know Ky. Told from both Cassia and Ky’s point of view, readers will learn more about who Ky was before moving into The Society, about the ties he has to the Rising, and generally what makes him tick.

Even though readers get to know Ky readers won’t get the chance to know Cassia beyond what we know from Matched. Cassia’s chapters aren’t as insightful as readers may hope, but they do prove just how strong a character she really is.

The only real fault I had with Crossed was the lack of already known and loved characters. Xander, a main character in Matched and an important part of Cassia’s life was missing for the most part. Sure, he makes a (very) brief appearance at the beginning of the book, but that’s it. Even though he still a big part of the storyline. However, Condie makes up with it with the introduction of new characters like the lovable Eli, and the assertive Indy.

Condie’s writing is as impressive as her first novel. Beyond impressive it’s believable. Readers will feel as if they’re right beside Cassia as she scales carving walls, as pages through pages and pages of poetry.

Even though Crossed has some predictable moments, this is still an enjoyable read. Crossed is a great follow-up that will leave readers guessing at what the final installment – Reached – has in store for fans.