Book of the Week: Just Ducks

Just Ducks by Nicola Davies Illustrated by Salvatore Rubbino

Published: 2012 by Candlewick

Reasons why I liked this book, and chose it as Book of the Week:

In some small way this book reminded me of my own my all time favorite books (as a child and as an adult) – Robert McCloskey’s Make Way For Ducklings.

I’m not a fans of birds in general, but I am a fan of ducks.

Like the little girl in the story I know what it’s like to hear ducks quacking early in the morning.

I love how there are actual facts about ducks are spread throughout the book.

I love how the facts blend seamlessly into the overall story. These facts do not take away from the great story, but rather enhances it.

Both young and old readers will learn a thing or two from this read. For example, I always through when ducks preen it’s just to make themselves look more attractive. But through this book I learned that “When they preen ducks spread oil from a little spot just under their tails all over their feathers to keep them shiny and waterproof.” Who knew?!

This book reminded me that I love to feed the ducks.

The author, Nicola Davies, really did capture, the importance of enjoying the simple pleasures that life has to offer – like feeding the ducks.

The illustrator, Salvatore Rubbino, really captured the differences between male and female ducks.

This book lets reader’s glimpse into the lives of these birds.

This picture book has a different feel from the traditional picture books out there. Whereas most picture books feature some sort of problem that needs to be resolved, this one doesn’t. Instead it’s a simple story that flows smoothly.

Ducks are a rowdy bunch of birds!

I loved the writing of this book. There’s a soft lyrical quality to it. Besides that, it’s super smart.

The illustrations are lush watercolors.

Illustrator Rubbino has an eye for detail, from the snail slithering along the bottom of the page, camouflaged by the grass to the small spider spinning an intricate web within the leaves of a plant.

I particularly love ducklings, and the illustrations of ducklings warmed my duck-loving heart.

Readers will feel smarter after reading this book. I know I did.

The ducks are the stars of this book.

I love how this young girl of the story can tell what season it is, where she is within her own life based upon the ducks. For example, she knows it’s spring when the female ducks start to lay and sit upon her eggs.


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