The Near Witch


The Near Witch by Victoria Schwab

Everyone who has grown up in the small village of Near knows the story of it’s most famed citizen – the Near Witch. They know how she would sing to the hills. They know she was both loved and feared. They know that she was taken from her home, accused of killing a small boy, and was mercilessly killed by the hands of the village elder’s.

Lexi Harris is no different. She too has grown up with knowing and reciting the story of the witch. But unlike her Near neighbors Lexi doesn’t fear her. Her now deceased father taught her that all living beings – human or otherwise – could be either good or evil. He has taught Lexi his trade of tracking and the importance of following her gut instinct.

So when a mysterious boy appears in Near just as several village children have gone missing, all fingers point to this stranger. All but Lexi’s Harris’ finger. She doesn’t believe the handsome stranger is to blame, especially after he’s helped her almost every night investigate the kidnappings.
Since Lexi is the only person in all of Near who believes in the strangers innocence, she’s the only one who can prove it. Will her beliefs set him free, or will it unleash a far more sisister suspect?

Written by author Victoria Schwab, The Near Witch is a spine-tingling mystery that will leave readers gripping the edge of their seats.

The Near Witch feels like a folktale, one we’ve all known but too afraid to speak of. There’s something so familiar about it, and that makes it all the more inviting. It’s a lush book full of vivid descriptions, lyrical writing, and above all other things a setting that’s both realistic and atmospheric. Readers will get caught up in the action. So much so they’ll start to think that they are actually part of the story – part of Near.

Schwab’s writing isn’t only impressive, it’s solid. Full of unforseen twists and turns, readers will be life gaping and guessing. She’s crafted a story unlike any other on the bookshelves. The Near Witch is infused with mystery, suspense, with a straight up horror twist. Her characters are believable, easy to identify and sympathize with. Lexi especially. She’s a spitfire – passionate, unyielding, and strong-willed. Lexi makes for a great heroine.

The Near Witch is the kind of book that will stick with readers for a while, long after the book has come to an end. Schwab’s first novel is sure to leave to leave an imprint and will leave readers wanting, craving more. Schwab is an author to watch!

3 thoughts on “The Near Witch

  1. Lately I’ve been really into reading stories about witches, vampires, and werewolves. Thanks for the review. I will definitely remember to check it out.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, it means a lot to me! The Near Witch is such a great book, definitely worth a shot!

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