Timepiece by Myra McEntire

Kaleb Ballard has his fair share of issues. Not only is he able to feel what others around him feel, but as of recently he’s able to see what his friends see – rips, time travellers from another time and another place. But the issue he has never had is picking up beautiful girls. He’s good-looking, he’s a smooth talker, and he’s got his eye on the prize: a curvaceous tiger.

But when Jack Landers – the man who once worked side by side with Kaleb’s father, the man who once tried and almost succeeded in killing his father – steps in his way, Kaleb’s world is about to be turned upside down.

Something is not right. So when a stranger, supposedly connected to the infamously mysterious Infinityglass appears in Jack’s wake, Kaleb knows nothing good can come from this. What he’s left with is a vision of Emerson’s throat being sliced and a nearly impossible task: find Jack Landers by Halloween, or else.

Or else what? Kaleb isn’t exactly sure what will happen to, not only him, but his friends and family connected to the Hourglass. Will he find Jack Landers? Will he find Jack before Jack finds him?

Picking up where Hourglass left off, Timepiece, the second novel in the series, is written by author Myra McEntire. It offers more. More action, more suspense, and definitely more romance.

Timepiece does not fall into the second novel pitfalls. Even though it’s a follow-up and relies on Hourglass, it’s a solid work that is strong enough to stand on its own. And what makes it stand on its own is that it’s told from a fresh, new perspective: Kaleb’s.

While all the familiar Hourglass characters are present and accounted for, Kaleb’s perspective is will give reader’s the chance to get to know this alluring character. Readers will see that Kaleb Ballard isn’t just the flirt, who likes to get drunk to ease all his problems. Kaleb is a well crafted character that isn’t only charming but also sensitive. He’s the kind of character girls will swoon over. Beyond that’ like all of McEntire’s characters they’re honest and believable.

Aside from the comfortable characters and the dazzling plotline, McEntire’s writing is even better, even stronger than before. She really has a way to, not only capture reader’s attention, but keep them hanging on. Maybe it’s because she’s created a world that seems like it’s straight from the pages of a comic book. Whatever the reason, readers will be clamoring for more.

Quick paced and gripping Timepiece does not let Hourglass fans down. In fact, it will draw new fans in.