Hourglass by Myra McEntire

Emerson Cole considers herself a freak. Why? Because ever since she was twelve she’s been able to see, things, people who aren’t there, people who aren’t supposed to be there. From southern belles on her front porch to a whole trio of jazz musicians in her brother’s new restaurant, none of them are supposed to be there, in front of her. It’s getting so bad she can barely tell who’s real and who isn’t.

For nearly five years Emerson’s brother and caretaker has searched high and low for a doctor who can provide answers to all the questions he and Emerson have. From witch doctor to board certified specialists, no one has answers.

Until now…until the handsome Michael Weaver steps in, providing not only eye candy, but answers to all of Emerson’s questions.

Emerson soon finds out that she’s not the freak she once thought she was.

Before long, she finds herself caught up in a dangerous game of time travel, racing the clock that could change her past, her present, and even her future.

Written by author Myra McEntire, Hourglass will take readers on a roller coaster ride of ups, down, twists, and turns.

McEntire’s writing isn’t only impressive, it’s strong. She’s created an original plotline that readers will find intriguing, smart, and fun. Stronger than her well crafted plotline are McEntire’s characters. They too are original. Emerson’s strong – both physically and mentally. She loves, fights, and believes passionately. She’s the kind of heroin that readers can really look up, could be inspired by, and could learn from.

Even though Emerson is the true star of the story, all of McEntire’s characters are memorable. They each possess qualities that are admirable and lovable. Lily, Emerson’s best friend, is full of spark and flair. Her almost over the top personality balances perfectly with Emerson’s more reserved one.

Hourglass is a great read. It’s full of action, adventure, and even sparks of romance. Able to fit into many different genres, there really is something for every reader.