When it Happens

When it Happens by Susane Colasanti

There’s only two things Sara wants for her senior year: to get into the college of her dreams and to┬ábe Dave’s girlfriend. Getting into her choice school is practically in the bag. The only thing left to bag is Dave.

And Dave is interested. Even if they’ve only talked once during an assembly – last year. Even if he didn’t call her all summer long. Sara has it all worked out. She’s visualized it.

She’s sent her visualization up to the heavens in a tiny pink bubble. But what Sara didn’t visualize was Tobey, a boy she’s known forever, but barely knows.

Tobey knows Sara’s the one he’s meant to be with. He knows he can find something real with her. The problem is convincing Sara that he’s what’s right for her, not Dave. Sure he’s popular, good-looking, and on the top of his game. But he’s a jerk, who only wants one thing from Sara.

How can Tobey show Sara that Dave’s wrong for her? How can Tobey show Sara that he’s the one who’s right for her?

Written by author Susane Colasanti, When it Happens is a charming book that is the first of many charming books written by this author.

When it Happens is told from two perspectives. Told from both Sara and Tobey’s perspectives readers get the chance to hear the two sides of this one very charming story. Both Sara and Tobey’s voices are conversational and authentic. Tobey’s especially. Colasanti has managed to capture the essence of how guys communicate – with other guys, with girls, and within their own heads.

Colasanti’s writing is captivating. Not only is her writing style uniquely her own, it’s well crafted. Readers will be sucked into the short, yet insightful chapters, the quick paced dialog, and the possibility of finding something real.

Even stronger than Colasanti’s writing characters. Sara is the best friend we want, while Tobey is the guy we are all drooling over. What makes When it Happen’s characters pop off the page is that they are relatable, they’re honest, and they’re emotional characters.

Colasanti’s knack for capturing teens in their natural element is astounding. She has a way of turning the trials and tribulations of high school from scary to laugh out loud funny. When it Happens isn’t just another fluffy love story. It’s a substantial love story that is full of deep characters and complex situations. It’s smart, funny, and so much more!